Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

The starting point for the area's nature trails is on the other side of the road from Telkkämäki parking area. Both of the nature trails also end at this same spot. The parking area is situated 200 m from the farm grounds. The nature trails are marked with signs indicating the direction visitors should follow the trails in. Both the trails are marked with orange markings. The trails are both visible on the area's map.

Nature Trails

  • Laidun kierto, Pasture Nature Trail (0,9 km) is an undemanding trail which circles a forest pasture. The estimated time for walking the trail is about 20 minutes.
  • Rietulan kierto Nature Trail (1,9 km) crosses undemanding terrain. The trail gives visitors a clear picture of the effect slash-and-burn agriculture has on nature. Visitors should be cautious when crossing traditional plank bridges: they can be slippery if wet or icy. The estimated time for walking this circle trail is about 40 minutes.