Activities in Telkkämäki Nature Reserve

What can one do in Telkkämäki Nature Reserve?

See the Sights

Visitors have a rare opportunity to see forest-land which has been moulded by slash-and-burn fires and an authentic farm from the beginning of the 20th century and its farm yard. There is also the opportunity to see some of the fields burnt each year.

Slash-and-burn burns. Photo: Tapani Pirinen

Walk on Nature Trail

There are two short, under 2 km, nature trails in the area, which lead through old and new slash-and-burn terrain.

Ski Cross-country off Trails

Cross-country skiing is permitted in the area, but there are no maintained skiing trails.

Go on Guided Group Tour Outdoors

During summer there is a Metsähallitus guide at Telkkämäki. Group tours can be reserved in advance.

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Berry and Mushroom picking are permitted in the area. The area's forests are especially have an abundant crop of mushrooms.

Services Offered by Partners in Telkkämäki