Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • The Vaarunvuoret parking area (instructions)
  • Korospohja landing place

Photo: Pertti Heinonen

Nature Trail

  • The Vaarunvuoret Nature Trail (4 km) starts from the parking area and runs clockwise. The trail is marked with blue paint, and it is easy to travel. The terrain varies between pine heaths, spruce stands and rocks, and there are some differences in altitude. There are short sections with duckboards along the trail, in addition to two ponds: Juonaanjärvi and Särkijärvi. The trail is also well-suited for beginners. The signposts along the nature trail describe the natural environment of Vaarunvuoret.
    • Services: There is a campfire site, shed and toilet by the Särkijärvi pond.
    • Sights: The view over Lake Päijänne from a top Vaarunjyrkkä.

Other Trails

  • There is a connecting path (1 km) between the campfire site and the Korospohja landing place. The path is marked with blue paint. The difference in altitude between the beach and the campfire site is roughly 100 m, which makes the trail's difficulty level intermediate.
    • Sights: For most of the way, the connecting path travels along the Vanha Vaaruntie road.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

There are no water and canoeing routes in Vaarunvuoret, but the area is located by Lake Päijänne and can be reached by boat or canoe via the Korospohja landing place. The lake bottom at the Korospohja beach is gravelly, and there is no public pier. More information about boating opportunities on Päijänne is available in Finnish on the Päijänteen Virkistysalueyhdistys website (www.paijanteenvirkistysalueyhdistys.fi, in Finnish).

Excursionmap.fi: Vaarunvuoret