Location of Vaarunvuoret in FinlandCentral Finland Region
Town of Jyväskylä (www.jyvaskyla.fi)
Area: 6.04 sq. km. Natura 2000 site (1998)
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

At Vaarunvuoret, you can enjoy stately views and the wonderful scent of old pine forests growing on rocky hills. The diverse and extraordinary habitats of the area are home to numerous rare and endangered species. Vaarunvuoret is a day trip destination that can also be reached by boat from Lake Päijänne.

The area is particularly known for the steep Vaarunjyrkkä cliff that falls into Korospohjanlahti Bay. Plants native to both southern and northern Finland thrive on its walls. Hikers can also travel along the old Vanha Vaaruntie road that used to be known as the steepest main road in Finland.

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: P.O.Box 36, 40101 Jyväskylä, Finland.

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/vaarunvuoret

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