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Recommended Trails

Valtavaaran huiputus Trail, about 6 km, Circle Trail

Trail follows Karhunkierros Trail from Ruka to the fire guard's cabin at the top of Valtavaara Hill.

Winter hiking on Valtavaaran huiputus Trail. Photo: Airi Kallunki.

Trail Description
From the top of the hill the trail descends to Valtavaara campfire shelter and returns to Ruka along the eastern side of Valtavaara Hill.

Hiking Structures
Valtavaara day trip hut, Valtavaara campfire shelter and Valtavaaranlampi lean-to shelter and services in the Ruka Holiday Resort area.

Valtavaara Hill and Ruka Fell (

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Sinipyrstön pyrähys Trail, 1.5 km, Circle Trail

The trail runs by Lake Konttaisjärvi, right at the foot of Konttainen Hill. The spruce forest with its mysterious old trees provides an excellent setting for bird-watching – it is one of the favourite spots in Kuusamo for red-flanked bluetails!

Trail Description
If you prefer a slightly longer hike, you can follow the Karhunkierros Trail for about one kilometre and climb up to the Suolampi lean-to shelter, nestling by Valtavaara Hill, or you can climb the steps up to the top of Konttainen Hill and admire the magnificent view.

Trail is marked with blue paint.

Hiking Structures
Rest spot (picnic table, no campfire site or toilet)

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Pyhän jyssäys Trail, 6 km

From Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill you will have a bird's eye view of the ski resort.

View from Pyhävaara. Photo: Minna Koramo.

Trail Description
A day-trip trail. The trail takes visitors from the crossroads in Plantingintie road and Petäjäkuja 1., to the top of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill. The trail's signposts are poles with green reflective tape and a red reflective plate.

Hiking Structures
Two lookout points with benches; a Lapp ‘kota' hut and a campfire site on top of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill

Picking forest besrries in Pyhävaara fell. Photo: Jari Hindström / Vastavalo.

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Juhannuskallio Trail, 300 m

Trail offers an excellent view far over Ruka and northern Kuusamo.

Trail Description
The trail is suited for day trips. In the summer, it can be combined with the accessible trail (lookout point) and ski-lift / slope trail at Ruka.

Starting at the Juhannuskalliontie road, the trail meanders to the top of the Juhannuskallio Cliffs; it has some steep sections but is otherwise easy to walk.

The trail's signposts are poles marked with green paint.

Hiking Structures
There are no services along the trail, but there is a restaurant at the trail's starting point.

Trail marking at Juhannuskallio Trail. Photo: Minna Koramo

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Konttaisen polku Trail, 400 m

Trail is a demanding trail that runs up the steps to the top of Konttainen Hill. From there, you will have a majestic view over Lake Konttaisenjärvi, Valtavaara Hill, Ruka and northern Kuusamo.

I made it! Hiker on top of the Konttainen fell. Photo: Jari Hindström / Vastavalo.

Trail Description
The trail is marked with orange paint markings (Karhunkierros Trail). The trail is suited for day trips.

Hiking Structures
There are no services along the trail.

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Hiking Trails

Karhunkierros Trail, 82 km / Direction

Trail is in total 80-km-long and travels through Valtavaara Nature Reserve. The starting and end point for this circle trail is at Ruka. Hikers remember Valtavaara Hill as the last major hurdle before reaching the end point, which is at Rukatunturi Fell. The north slope of Valtavaara Hill is quite rocky and worn and therefore demanding. 

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Cross-country Skiing Trails

Saarua - Valtavaara - Saarua Skiing Trail (10 km)

This skiing trail is classified as demanding and is suited for classical and free style cross-country skiing. There is no specified direction in which the trail should be skied and there is no lighting. The skiing trail is maintained by the town of Kuusamo. There are connecting trails from this trail to other cross-country skiing trails in the Ruka area, such as the Virkkula and Vuosseli trails.

Hiking Structures
Valtavaara campfire shelter, Ruka Ski Stadium changing rooms, hotels, restaurants and cafés in the Ruka area. Ruka area ski trail map (

Valtavaara Hil.

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