Repovesi National Park Directions and Maps

Repovesi National Park is located on the west side of the Kouvola-Mikkeli road (main road 15). Distances: about 175 km from Helsinki, 50 km from Kouvola going through Valkeala and 75 km from Mikkeli, going through Mäntyharju.


By Car

Kuismantie Road, which leads through the National Park, is closed off from traffic by bar gates at the Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi Parking Areas. You may travel either by foot or boat inside the park.

There are separate parking areas for coaches at each National Park entrance.There are the Repovesi National Park emblem and guide signs on the red-painted wall.

  • From Mäntyharju to Saarijärvi Parking Area
    • Take road 368 from Mäntyharju to Voikoski. After the Voikoski bridge there are signposts to Saarijärvi and Lapinsalmi. At the old railway station in Voikoski turn onto Kuismantie Road and drive 9 km to Saarijärvi Parking Area.
    • At Saarijärvi Parking Area there are dry toilets, information boards and signposts to the area's trails.
  • From Kouvola to Lapinsalmi Parking Area
    • Take road 15 from Kouvola, turn onto Road 368 in Valkeala. There are signposts to road 368 from the Valkeala ABC-Service Station onward. After Vuohijärvi Village continue straight for about 8 km and turn right. Lapinsalmi Parking Area is about 3,5 km from this intersection.
    • At Lapinsalmi parking area there are information boards, signposts to the trails and chemical toilets.
  • From Road 15 to Tervajärvi Parking Area
    • Road 369 turns off of road 15 at Tuohikotti. Signposts begin right after the intersection. Drive straight on road 369 for about 9 km to the Hevosoja Village intersection. Turn right (Hevosojantie Road) and drive 2 km towards Hevosoja Village. When you reach the village turn right onto Kivisilmäntie Road. Drive straight for 7 km to the Tervajärvi Parking Area.
    • At Tervajärvi Parking Area there are chemical toilets, information boards and signposts to the area's trails.

For more detailed parking area addresses, please see below under Starting Points for Excursions.

By Public Transportation

  • Coaches ( travel daily in summertime from the city of Kouvola to Lapinsalmi parking area. Always check for timetables ( You can find more information from the brochure of VisitKouvola ( The bus to Repovesi and Verla leaves from the main railway and bus station, located in the Kouvola city centre. When the bus comes back, it also stops at the main railway and bus station in Kouvola. Download the timetables and begin your adventure!
  • The bus ticket costs the same as a local ticket, bank cards are not accepted.
  • The closest railway stations where trains ( stop are in Municipality Centre of Mäntyharju (, in Finnish, and the Town of Kouvola ( Trains do not stop, anymore, in Hillosensalmi.

By Taxi

  • You can also get to Repovesi in a shared taxi from Kouvola Travel Centre. Kymenlaakson Taksi offers rides from the Travel Centre to the entrance to Lapinsalmi in Repovesi for the following prices (one way): 1–4 persons €90, 5–8 persons €120. Kymenlaakso Taksi's prices are valid all year round. Bookings can be made by calling +358 100 87 227.

By Boat

  • The National Park can be reached by boat from the west via Lake Repovesi or Lake Kapiavesi.
  • More information on boat launching ramps, etc. in Services for boaters.

By Passenger Boat Service

  • A water bus travels from the Orilampi Cottage and Holiday Centre, along Finland's Golden Trail ( to Repovesi National Park. The Golden Trail is one of Finland's oldest inland cruise routes.
    • Golden Trail water bus (Tuuletar II) from Orilampi  (Lapinsalmi, Karhulahti, Kuutinkanava, Mustalamminvuori).
    • The M/S Tuuletar II, a wooden water bus, has seating space for 100 to 130 travellers.
    • The disabled must be accompanied by an assistant.
    • Inside Repovesi National Park the water bus stops at Mustalamminvuori Hill, Kuutinkanava, Lapinsalmi Sound and Karhulahti Bay

A wooden water bus traveling through a lake landscape. The passengers are sitting inside and on the deck.

By Taxi Boat

  • Visitors can also get into the National Park by water taxi. Reservations can be made by telephone. Tel. int. +358500 862 862 or +358400 551 530.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • Lapinsalmi (Riippusillantie 55, Kouvola), Saarijärvi (Kuismantie 990, Kouvola) and Tervajärvi (Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola) parking areas.
  • Starting points for trails


Other Maps

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