Guohkkemašjávri / Kuohkimajärvi Reservable Wilderness Hut

Exceptionally, bookings for the reservation and rental huts maintained by National Parks Finland for the year 2025 can only be made starting from the beginning of November 2024. More information

The hut is located in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. The hut is suitable for hikers travelling on their own. In the summer, you can shorten your hike to the hut by taking the boat to Koltalahti, which is 3.5 km from the hut. On a half-hour boat trip across the Lake Kilpisjärvi, you can admire the landscape of the Malla Strict Nature Reserve, including its Kitsiputous Falls. The boat M/S Malla operates from Midsummer to the end of September. In winter, you can ski to the hut. 

Reservable wilderness hut, 10 persons.


Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre, 99490 Kilpisjärvi, tel. int. +358 206 39 7990 and Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, Peuratie 15, 99400 Enontekiö, tel. int. +358 206 39 7950. Terms of reservation for the Guohkkemašjávri / Kuohkimajärvi reservable hut. See where to pick up the keys. 

Reservable huts are meant for those travelling by foot, skis or other means of physical movement (not motorized vehicles). These huts may be used for 1 to 2 days by those who have reserved a bed in advance. Commercial use (i.e. guided hikes and tours etc.) of reservable huts is only allowed with special permission from Metsähallitus.

Location and Description

Northern Lapland Region, Municipality of Enontekiö (, Malla Strict Nature Reserve

Guohkkemašjávri / Kuohkimajärvi Reservable Wilderness Hut, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 69° 03.6414' lon: 20° 33.4383'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7674619 E: 243443

The hut is located along the Nordkalott Trail, near the borders of three countries, to the north of Lake Kuohkimajärvi. The Norwegian border is about 100 m from the hut. Kuohkimajärvi Open Wilderness Hut is located near the reservable hut. 

Instructions for arriving at the Malla parking area


Nordkalott Trail map
Other maps of the area

Price and keys

16,50 €/night/person (incl. VAT 10%).

The keys can be picked up at the Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre and when the visitor centre is closed from the customs station of Kilpisjärvi, tel. int +358 295 527 007 (open 24 hours).


A stove and a gas cooker. Bunk beds with mattresses, pillows and blankets. In the reservable hut, hikers sleep side-by-side in bunk beds, so hikers have to be comfortable with strangers. 

There is an open wilderness hut, dry toilet and wood shed on the grounds. The terrain is rocky in places, but there are a few campsites near the hut.

Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm.


Read the rules of the Malla Strict Nature Reserve in advance; Everyman's Rights do not apply in the reserve. 

It is recommended to boil water from natural sources before consumption. Hut is approximately 50 metres from the lake.

Ski touring season runs from March to April. In the summer, the recommended time for hiking is from the beginning of July to the beginning of September.

Weather conditions should be taken into account when planning an outing. Weather conditions in the wilderness can be extremely challenging.  Fog or storms can form in just a few hours. Make sure that you have proper wilderness survival skills for the trek. Visitors must have appropriate equipment: warm clothing, food, drink, maps, compass, orienteering skills and matches. Take also your own toilet paper.

The firewood should only be used for heating the huts. Making campfires outdoors is prohibited if the hut does not have an official campfire site. 

Pets are not permitted in the hut.

Safety on hiking

Waste Management

Metsähallitus follows the principles of litter-free hiking. Visitors are adviced to bring their own waste out of the area. Recycling point can be found at Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre. Read more about Hiking without Littering.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. For more information contact Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre, tel. int. +358 206 39 7990 or Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, tel. int. +358 206 39 7950.

A hand holding a mobile phone showing Open the map of Kuohkimajärvi hut in

The booking calendar

By checking the booking calendar of the huts ( you can see the availability beforehand. For making the reservation, please contact Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre or Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Booking information

Guidelines on using Reservable Wilderness Huts 

Read Guidelines on using Reservable Wilderness Huts.