Films at the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre Auditorium

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland. Some Nature Centres may have to close. Check the current situation on the webpage of the Destination or Nature Centre you are planning to visit.

A fell landscape. The text Pallas-Yllästunturi national park is written in Finnish in the middle of the picture.


Short films are free of charge and they are shown when you ask for it.

  • The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park (20 min)
    • A film of the nature of the national park .
    • Language: Finnish, English and French.
  • Jerisjärvi Fishing Event (25 min)
    • A recording of the traditional fishing event on Lake Jerisjärvi.
    • Language: Finnish
  • The Forest (18 min)
    • An introduction to the Finnish forest.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, English, and German.
  • Nature is Burning (15 min)
    • A film on the restoration of forests and mires.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Trails to Natura (12 min)
    • Objectives of and habitat types included in the Natura 2000 network and the use of Natura sites.
    • Language: Finnish.
  • Best Before (26 min)
    • A film on evolution and the changing rhythms of nature.
    • Language: Finnish.
    • A film on habitat restoration work.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Better than Ever (15 min)
    • The Landscape of Work and Animals (15 min)
    • A film on heritage landscapes and their management.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • The Incredible Baltic Sea (9 min)
    • A film on the Baltic and its significance.
    • Language: Finnish, Swedish, and English.
  • Arctic Fires (45 min)
    • A film on the expedition sent by Louis Philippe I, the King of France, to Lapland between 1838 and 1839. The expedition was led by vicar Lars Levi Laestadius.
    • Language: Finnish.