Sights in Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka Wilderness Trail (26km) is closed. The trail is winter trail. Due the melting snow there can be water on the trail. If you are heading to the day trails of Oulanka, it is good to wear shoes with a good grip because the trails (especially stairs) are still slippery.
Photo: Paavo Hamunen

The natural features and cultural sights of the River Oulankajoki form one of Finland's National Landscapes.

To get to the sights of Oulanka visitors must often walk a few kilometres. The most famous sight, the Kiutaköngäs Falls, is easy to reach by foot: it is only about 1 km from the next parking area.
You can find driving directions to different sights from Directions and Maps -pages.

Rupakivi Rock

Rupakivi Rock is a 5 metre high rock rising from the middle of the River Savinajoki. It is located 4 km from the Savilampi Parking Area. The destination is at the end of a long walk and difficult to access.

Rupakivi Rock. Photo: Ismo Lampi.

Oulanka Canyon (Oulangan kanjoni)

Oulanka Canyon is a steep-faced gorge located about 2 km from the Savilampi Parking Area. The destination is quite easily accessible.

Oulanka Canyon - Oulangan kanjoni. Photo: Minna Koramo.

The Ristikallio Cliffs

Ristikallio Cliffs is a rugged rock formation in the River Aventojoki. From the Ristikallio Parking Area, follow the Karhunkierros Hiking Trail for 5 km to the destination, which is quite easily accessible.

Ristikallio Cliffs in fall. Photo: Marko Niemelä.

Taivalköngäs Rapids

Taivalköngäs Rapids is a rocky set of rapids in the River Oulankajoki. It can be reached by two different trails. One starting point is at Oulanka Camping Ground, from where visitors follow the Karhunkierros Hiking Trail north for 8 km. The other starting point is Sallantie Road Parking Area from where it is a 9 km hike to the rapids. The destination is difficult to access.

Taivalköngäs Rapids. Photo: Hannu Hautala.

Kiutaköngäs Rapids

Kiutaköngäs Rapids is 325 metres long. They are located 1 km from Oulanka Visitor Centre. The destination is quite easily accessible.

Kiutaköngäs Rapids. Photo: Ismo Lampi.

Niskakoski Rapids

Niskakoski Rapids is swift rapids located in the River Kitkajoki. There is a hanging bridge crossing the rapids. The destination is easily accessible.

Niskakoski Rapids. Photo: Juho Määttä.

Jyrävä Rapids

Jyrävä Rapids in the River Kitkajoki are unharnessed and have a drop of 9 metres. They are located on the Pieni Karhunkierros Trail at the southern point of the park 3,5 km from Juuma Parking Area. The destination is difficult to access, due to changes in altitude.

Jyrävä Rapids. Photo: Minna Koramo.

Kallioportti Cliffs

Kallioportti is a look-out point on the Pieni Karhunkierros Trail. A view of the River Kitkajoki opens on the ledge. Kallioportti is located 4 km from Juuma Parking Area. The destination is difficult to access, due to changes in altitude.

Kallioportti Cliffs. Photo: Elina Óde.

Hanging Bridges

The nine hanging bridges which cross the Rivers Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki are also sights worth seeing. They are located at Oulankajoki river near the Savilampi wilderness hut, Taivalköngäs Rapids (3), Niskakoski Rapids, Myllykoski Rapids and at the quiet waters of Harrisuvanto.

Hanging bridge in Harrisuvanto still waters. Photo: Minna Koramo.

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