Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Oulanka National Park

Following enterprises and other organisations offer services in the national park. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the national park.

Certified Guides of the Oulanka National Park

Having gained an extensive knowledge of Oulanka National Park, the certified guides of the Oulanka National Park provide various guide services at Oulanka and in its surrounding areas. These guides were granted an Oulanka National Park Certified Guide certificate by Metsähallitus. Some of the guides are at the service of cooperating enterprises and the others work as independent guides. More detailed product descriptions can be enquired directly from the guides. 

  • Eeva-Liisa Kanniainen (guidance in Finnish and English)
    • Tel. +358 44 0707 605, e-mail: fiorella(at) 
  • Eki Karjalainen (guidance in Finnish and English)
  • Mari Lahtinen (guidance in Finnish and English)
    • Tel. +358 50 5361 925, e-mail: marilahtinen73(at)
  • Petri Jalonen (guidance in Finnish and English)
  • Petri Kulha (guidance in Finnish and English)
  • Piritta Liikka (guidance in Finnish and English)

All Cooperation Enterprices

Guided Tours and Nature and Outdoor Activities

  • 66 Arctic Adventures (
    • white water rafting, bird watching, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hiking, theme excursions
  • B.Art Collection (
    • Bird watching tours, hiking, show and chase arctic lights
  • Basecamp Oulanka (
    • white water rafting, cycling, canoeing, hiking, picking berries, bird watching, skiing, snow shoe walking, theme excursions, climbing and ice climbing, volunteer work 
  • Erä- ja luontopalvelut Hyväntähen (
    • skiing, white water rafting, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hunting, hiking, theme excursions and nature excursions to national park
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Berry and mushroom picking, cycling and hiking
  • Finnature Ltd (
    • bird- and photography excursions 
  • Forest lolling / Metsäkellintäretket (
    • Forest lolling, forest wellbeing, picking berries, picking mushrooms, theme tours   
  • Iivaaran Eräkartano (
    • hiking, berry and mushroom picking, fishing, hunting, skiing and snow shoe walking 
  • Karhunkierros Visitor Centre (
  • Karhu-Kuusamo (
    • bear watching and photographing 
  • Korpihilla (, in Finnish)
    • snowshoeing, picking berries and mushrooms, hiking
  • Kujalan Porotila (
    • reindeer sleigh-ride and safaris, snow shoe walking, picking berries, hunting, hiking, picking mushrooms  
  • Kuusamo Nature Photography (
    • bird watching and nature photographing, hiking, snow shoe walking
  • Kuusamon keidas (, in Finnish) 
    • Guided tours: skiing, fishing, snowshoeing, picking berries, hiking 
  • Kuusamo Safaris (
    • skiing, canoeing, white water rafting, fishing, snow shoe walking, snow mobiling 
  • MyTrail / MunPolku (
    • hiking and snowshoe walking, yoga programmes
  • Naali Lodge (
    • Skiing, fishing, bird tours, snow shoe hikes and sliding snow shoe tours, picking berries, hiking, paddling and SUP paddling
  • North Trek (
    • canoeing, white water rafting, hiking, berry and mushroom picking, skiing, snow shoe walking 
  • Opas Susi Nordman,
    • skiing, fishing, bird watching, snow shoe walking, picking berries and mushrooms, paddling, hiking
  • Outdoor Passion Finland Oy (
    • hiking, adventurous excursions, abseiling, canoeing, snow shoe walking
  • Palosaaren poro- ja kalastustila (
    • fishing, white water rafting + fishing, hiking, reindeer-sleigh rides, visits to a reindeer farm, berry and mushroom picking
  • Raatamo (
    • hiking, trail running, theme excursions
  • Reissusiskot (
    • guided hikes at Karhunkierros trail
  • Ruka Adventures (
    • snow shoeing, picking berries and mushrooms, canoeing, hiking
  • Rukapalvelu Oy (
    • white water rafting, canoeing, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, bird watching, berry and mushroom picking, dog-sled and reindeer-sleigh rides, skiing, snow shoe walking, snow mobiling, quad bike safaris 
  • RukaProGuides ( 
    • hiking, bird watching, berry and mushroom picking, canoeing, white water rafting, fishing, hunting, skiing, snow shoe walking, snow mobiling
  • Ruka Safaris (
    • hiking, white water rafting, canoeing, fishing, snow shoe walking, cycling, berry picking, sup board paddling on the river Oulankajoki
  • Saijan Lomakartano (
    • skiing, husky safaries, snowshoeing, canoeing, picking berries, snow mobiling
  • Salla Reindeer Park (
    • hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, skiing, snow shoe walking, dog-sled and reindeer-sleigh rides
  • SeikkailuviiKari (, in Finnish)
    • hiking, paddling
  • Stella Polaris Adventures (
    • white water rafting 
  • Suomen luontokuvausinstituutti (SLKI) (, in Finnish)
    • nature photographing
  • Tapahtumaelämykset (
    • hiking, fishing, bird watching, canoeing, white water rafting, skiing, snowshoeing, theme excursions
  • Teemu ihan pihalla (, in Finnish)
    • Snow shoe walking, hiking and theme excursions
  • Tornak Adventures (
    • fishing, husky safaries, snow shoe hiking, paddling, hiking, photographing tours

Equipment Rental

Food and Catering Services 

Transportation Services

Lodging and Conference Space Services 

  • Basecamp Oulanka (
    • hotel, conference space rental, sauna rental, smoke sauna, old lodging cabin 
  • Iivaaran Eräkartano (
    • cabin rental, sauna rental 
  • Jussin matkailu (
    • Rental cabins, conference room 
  • Kujalan Porotila (
    • conference space rental, agritourism, hot tub rental 
  • Kuusamon keidas (, in Finnish)
    • conference space rental, rental cabins, sauna
  • Naali Lodge (
    • Sauna and lodges
  • Rukapalvelu Oy (
    • lodging rental 
  • Ruka Safaris (
    • lodging services, camping groung, sauna, rental cabin bookings 
  • Saijan Lomakartano (
    • lodge apartments and cottages, hotel, congress room and services, smoke sauna, northernlighs teepees, teepees
  • Salla Reindeer Park (
    • conference space rental and conference services 

Other Services