Rentua Rental Lapp Hut

Rental Lapp Hut, suitable for example for school camps or private events, 20 people, total area approx. 34 m2, a hallway and hut space. The hut is not meant for overnight stays. No electricity-


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Lapp Hut. Photo: Eeva Pulkkinen

There is a hexagonal Lapp ‘kota' hut on the shores of Lake Lentuanjärvi at the neck of the Lentuankoski Rapids. There is room for about 20 people at the Lapp 'kota' hut. The ‘kota' hut is suitable for organising various occasions, events, meals, etc. It is not meant for overnight stays.


Oulu region and Kainuu, Kainuu, Kuhmo (, Lentua Nature Reserve (in Finnish).

Map of the surroundings of Lentua © Metsähallitus 2009

The KKJ-coordinates of The Lapp Hut:
X=3626146, Y=7124375

Address: Lentua Nature Information Hut, Niska-ahontie 200, 88900 Kuhmo. To Kuhmo 15 km and to Petola Visitor Centre 12 km from The Lapp Hut.

Arriving by car:
From Kuhmo, the distance to the rental Lapp ‘kota' hut is about 15 km. From Kuhmo, drive along Kuhmo–Suomussalmi Road (no. 912) for 10 km and turn left onto Lentuankoskentie Road (no. 91283). Drive for about 3 km, whereafter turn right onto Niska-ahontie Road. Drive along this road for 2 km. The nature information hut and the rental Lapp ‘kota' hut are located at the end of the road on the shores of Lentua. There is a parking area at the yard.

The Lentua rental Lapp ‘kota' hut cannot be reached by public transport.



Topographic map 1:50 000 number Q542


35 € / day.

Keys Neste Salmela, Kainuuntie 129, 88900 Kuhmo, tel. +358 (0)20 718 9850. You must show the receipt as proof of payment when collecting the key. The key must be returned to its collection point.


There is room for about 20 people at the ‘kota' hut. There is a campfire site in the centre of the hut. There are also candle holders in the hut. The hut does not have electricity, tap water or crockery. You must bring your own drinking water. The price includes the firewood. Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm!

There are dry toilets for the disabled by the Lapp 'kota' hut.

It is not possible to stay overnight at the rental ‘kota' hut.

No boat. It is possible to use your own boat. There is a launching site at the yard.

There is waste management at the parking area.


  • There are no washing or accommodation facilities at the hut.
  • The yard of the Lapp ‘kota' hut is the starting point for the Lentua Nature Trail (6.5 km) and for the trail to Lentuankoski Rapids (1 km). There may be some hikers and boaters at the yard.  
  • The Lapp ‘kota' hut is also accessible by wheelchair. There are dry toilets for the disabled by the Lapp ‘kota' hut.
  • There are wide duckboards (300 m) by Lentuankoski Rapids, so the rapids can also be reached by wheelchair..
  • You may bring pets into the Lapp ‘kota' hut only on private occasions.
  • The road to the yard is ploughed in winter but you may also have to clear the snow from the road by yourself.  
  • Safety on hiking

Maintenence and Management   

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: Lentiirantie 342, 88900 Kuhmo. The closest customer service point: The Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola, Lentiirantie 342, 88900 Kuhmo, tel. +358 (0)40 825 6060.

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