Kevo Trail

Location of Kevo Trail in FinlandNorthern Lapland Region
Municipality of Utsjoki (, in Finnish)
Kevo Strict Nature Reserve
The trail is managed and maintained by Metsähallitus.

This scenically beautiful 65 km long trail leads through Kevo Strict Nature Reserve alternately through fell birch forests, across open fells and through pine forests as well as through Kevo Canyon. The canyon is 40 km long and more than 80 metres deep and it forms the central part of the strict nature reserve, through which most of the trail also travels. The trail is very demanding as it descends several times to the bottom of the canyon and then in turn climbs to fell tops. Hikers must wade across the River Kevojoki a few times.

Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is divided into two areas; the canyon area and fell area. There are separate rules on hiking in the two areas.

  • Canyon area: Hiking is permitted 15.6. - 15.10. only on marked trails. Skiing is permitted 16.10. - 31.3. in the entire canyon area. Entering the canyon area is completely forbidden 1.4. - 14.6.
  • Fell area: Hiking is permitted 1.5. - 15.10. only on marked trails. Skiing is permitted in the entire fell area 16.10. - 30.4.

Locals who practice reindeer husbandry and other natural livelihoods have broader rights and privileges within Kevo Strict Nature Reserve than hikers do.

Kuivi Trail

Another trail called Kuivi Trail also travels through Kevo Strict Nature Reserve. It turns off of Kevo Trail at Lake Ruktajärvi and joins with it again on the northeast side of Fiellu Waterfall. Kuivi Trail can be travelled as a circle trail from Sulaoja or it can be combined with Kevo Trail. As a circle trail the trail is 86,5 km long.

In open fell areas the trail is marked with orange topped wooden poles, while in wooded areas it is marked with orange paint on tree trunks.

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