Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Auttiköngäs

Following enterprises and other organisations offer services in the Auttiköngäs. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the Auttiköngäs Natura-area.

  • Arctic Fantasy (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions: snow shoe walking, canoeing, Equipment rental: canoes, snowshoes, paintball
    • Food and Catering Services, cafe, conference services, sauna rental
  • Arctic Joy (
    • Guided excursions: hiking, snow-shoe walking
  • Auttikönkään pirttikahvio (, in finnish)
    • Loghouse cafe 
  • Helios Tour 
    • Guided excursions: fishing, husky rides, picking berries and mushrooms, hiking, thematic excursions, interactive programs
    • Conference services
  • (
    • Guided excursions: fishing, hiking, cycling, thematic excursions