Rumakuru Gorge. Photo Krstiina Aikio

Rumakuru Gorge

Rumakuru Gorge is a natural sight in Urho Kekkonen National Park. The steep gorge was created by Ice Age melting water and it is located near the national park along marked trails. The journey from Saariselkä to Rumakuru is 6 km. Rumakuru also has two day trip huts for hikers. The older of the two is the oldest hut in the area.

Pääsiäiskuru Gorge. Photo: Kornél Szentmiklósi-Nagy

Pääsiäiskuru Gorge

You can easily admire Pääsiäiskuru Gorge from along the marked trails. Pääsiäiskuru is an interesting natural sight; it is a fell gorge where you may find snow even in July. It is around two kilometres along both summer and winter trails from Urho Kekkonen National Park's gate at Saariselkä.

Niilanpää Reindeer Round-up Corral. Photo: Aini Magga

Niilanpää Reindeer Round-up Corral

On the western slope of Niilanpää Fell, inside Urho Kekkonen National Park is the Lapland Herding Cooperative's reindeer corral. The corral was built at the start of the 1960s. It has been mainly used as a corral for ear-marking calves in summer, but also for round-ups in autumn. The corral has not been in active use in reindeer work for several years because the Cooperative's reindeers' grazing rotation has been controlled and the reindeer work has taken place mostly in the Cooperative's western parts. A hut, built and owned by the Lapland Herding Cooperative, is situated by the corral. It was built as a base for reindeer husbandry. The reindeer hut's yard also contains a campfire site, dry toilet and a shed, all built for hikers to use.

Old Suomunruoktu Hut. Bild: Marja Näsi

Old Suomunruoktu Hut

The old Suomunruoktu hut, built in 1935, is nowadays a historical sight in Urho Kekkonen National Park. It is located around 100 metres from the newer Suomunruoktu Open and Reservable Wilderness Hut used by hikers.

Suomujoki Skolt Homestead. Photo: Siiri Tolonen

Suomujoki Skolt Homestead

Suomujoki Skolt homestead is a Skolt Sami residential area from the 1940s, which has been protected and restored.

Oskarinkoski Skolt Homestead

Oskarinkoski Skolt homestead is located in the north-eastern part of Urho Kekkonen National Park, along the Luttojoki River. The former homestead of the Skolt Sami people is a significant cultural history site.

Raja-Jooseppi Homestead. Photo: Pirjo Rautiainen

Raja-Jooseppi Homestead

Raja-Jooseppi homestead is a nationally significant cultural history environment.

On top of Sokosti. Photo: Siiri Tolonen

Sokosti Fell

Sokosti Fell is the highest fell (718 m) in both Urho Kekkonen National Park and in Eastern Lapland. Sokosti is located to the east of Luirojärvi Lake and summiting it is the dream of many hikers.

Luirojärvi Lake

Luirojärvi Lake, the "pearl of Urho Kekkonen National Park", is located in the centre of the national park and is a very popular destination for hikers. The rental hut Kuusela, Luirojärvi Reservable Wilderness Hut, Luirojärvi Open Wilderness hut, Rajankämppä Open Wilderness Hut and Raappana Turf Hut are located at Luirojärvi Lake. They provide overnight shelter for hikers.

Ukselmapää Fell. Photo: Tapio Tynys

Ukselmapää Fell

Ukselmapää provides the best views of the park! It is the second highest fell in the national park (698 m). The terrain on Ukselmapää is easily traversible, dry alpine heath.

Paratiisikuru Gorge. Photo: Saara Tynys

Paratiisikuru Gorge

Paratiisikuru (Paradise Gorge) has been described as the most beautiful place in Urho Kekkonen National Park. Paratiisikuru is located in the Saariselkä wilderness area, to the north-west of Ukselmapää Fell. A clear trail leads to the gorge from Sarvioja, which continues from Paratiisikuru to the edge of Ukselmapää. Paratiisikuru has two clear fell ponds. A waterfall empties into the other. Snow can be found in the gorge until late in the summer. In summer, the gorge's vegetation is lush with, for example, lady fern.

Pirunportti Gorge. Photo: Petteri Polojärvi

Pirunportti Gorge

Pirunportti Gorge is located in the wilderness area of Saariselkä, to the north-east of Ukselmapää Fell. Pirunportti (Devil's Gate) lives up to its name as a boulder-filled gorge which acts as a passageway to Muorravaarakka from Paratiisikuru. Snow can be found in the shadowy gorge until late in the summer. Avalanches may occur in the gorge in winter.

Lumikuru Gorge. Photo: Petteri Polojärvi

Lumikuru Gorge

Lumikuru starts as a magnificent cliff face between Lumipää and Ukselmapää Fells. The gorge has been named "Snow Gorge" because snow can be found underneath the steep eastern wall almost throughout the summer. A small, clear brook is formed from the gorge's melting waters. The brook runs down to the valley where its edges are surrounded by park-like stands of white mountain birches, quagmires of mosses and ferns and lush patches of meadow. Avalanches may occur in the gorge in winter

Nuortti Canyon. Photo: Timo Reinvuo

Nuortti Canyon

Nuortti Canyon is located in the south-eastern part of Urho Kekkonen National Park near River Nuorttijoki. You can familiarise yourself with the canyon along the Nuortti hiking trail.

Korvatunturi Fell. Photo: Tero Turpeinen

Korvatunturi Fell

Korvatunturi is known as Santa Claus's home! Korvatunturi, located in the remotest corner of Itäkaira, is an unusual three-peaked piece of bedrock. The fell's tops are very sharp and are reminiscent of ears, which is probably how it got its name "Ear Fell". The fell is on the national border, in the border zone, so it cannot be accessed alone. You can, however, reach nearby Korvatunturinmurusta along a hiking trail and from there you can view Korvatunturi Fell.