Things to Do and See in Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari


  • Metsähallitus and Savonlinna Provincial Museum's joint Saimaan sylissä (in the heart of Saimaa) exhibition tells the story of man and nature and how this relationship has evolved since the last ice age. A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Saimaa ringed seal. The seal is Lake Saimaa's most known inhabitant and one of the most endangered seal species in the world. 
    The exhibition also tells how the city of Savonlinna was founded in the heart of Lake Saimaa and how the steamship traffic defined the region. The audiovisual effects of the exhibition offer something for all senses and take the visitor on a journey into the relaxed lifestyle of the Lake Saimaa region.

    The exhibition that opened in the summer of 2018 is produced together by Metsähallitus and Savonlinna Provincial Museum.
  • The old Laiturilla (On the Pier) exhibition is still partially open and will be taken down during the fall of 2018.
  • There is also visiting art, nature and culture exhibitions at Riihisaari.
Photo: Mari Laukkanen

Guided tours for groups

  • Guided tours have to be booked in advance with the personnel of the museum tel. +358 44 417 4468 or Metsähallitus tel. +358 40 738 8312. The guided tour prices vary between 90€ and 110€ per group. In addition to the tour price an entrance fee will be charged. Read more. (


  • Torsti - the Child of the Depths (12 min.)
    • A unique nature film about the underwater life of a Saimaa Ringed Seal pup , English, German, Finnish). Direction and photography by Juha Taskinen.
  • Ice pup (3 min.)
    • A music story about a Saimaa ringed seal mother and its pup in a song form. Lyrics in Finnish.