Lemmenjoki National Park Directions and Maps

Lemmenjoki National Park is located in Finnish Lapland in the area between the Inari-Kittilä Road 955 and Inari-Angeli Road 9553.



By Public Transportation

By Car

  • The roads run along the northern and the eastern edge of the park.
  • By car you can get to the village of Njurkulahti. From Njurkulahti there is also a motor boat service to the open wilderness hut at Lake Ravadasjärvi and to Kultahamina.
    • From road 955, turn west to road 9551, which goes to Njurkulahti.
  • Also the village of Lisma, in the southern part of the Park, can be reached by car. The road to Lisma turns from road 955.
  • Driving directions to Siida.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • The parking areas are located in the village of Njurkulahti and at Repojoki in Sallivaara information point along road 955.
  • Starting points for trails: Njurkulahti and Sallivaara information points.


Other Maps

  • Lemmenjoki waterproof outdoor map, 1:100 000 / 1:50 000, Karttakeskus 2017. The map is sold by Karttakeskus, Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre and Ivalo Customer Service.
  • Lemmenjoki geologinen retkeilykartta: Lemmenjoki geological outdoor map, 1:50 000 and Lemmenjoki Guidebook (Opaskirja), Geological Survey of Finland 2002. The map is sold by Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre.
  • Maastokartat: Terrain maps W431, W433, W434 and V442, 1:50 000, National Land Survey of Finland 2008 - 2009. These maps are sold by Siida - Nothern Lapland Nature Centre, Ivalo Customer Service, Karttakeskus and National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Outdoor GT map Northern Finland, 2016, 1:400 000. Map is sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Lemmenjoki, waterproof map, 1:25 000 and 1:100 000, Calazo Förlag 2016. Map is sold for example by Ivalo Customer Service and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida.

Map Sales Points

A hand holding a mobile phone showing Excursionmap.fi. Open the map of Lemmenjoki National Park in Excursionmap.fi.

Parking Area

Lemmenjoki, Njurgalahti

  • Lemmenjoen kylätie 107, 99870 Inari (Drive along this road for roughly 1km and take a left turn to the parking area at the crossroads)

Lemmenjoki, Sallivaara

  • Kittiläntie 7426, 99870 Inari

More precise parking area addresses are not available.

Self-guided Tour: "Discover Arctic Lapland's Spectacular Scenery and Indigenous Culture"

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