Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park Trails

Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail is one of the oldest hiking trails in Finland. Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä.
There are a total of 340 kilometres of marked summer trails in the Pallas-Yllästunturi area for short day trips and long hikes. Lapland in winter is accessible on skis, on foot, on snowshoes or on a fat-tyre bike. There are more than 500 kilometres of maintained ski tracks and 100 kilometres of winter hiking trails in the national park and in the surrounding areas. The network of Fell Lapland trails takes you from villages to fell tops and back to villages.
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Trails in the Pallas-Yllästunturi area

Starting Points for Trails from norht to south

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, Hetta

Ketomella parking area

Ylikyrö Vuontisjärvi parking area

  • Montellin maja, 4,5 km / each way
  • Nammalakuru 6 km / each way

Pyhäjoki parking area

  • Pyhäjoki Nature Trail, 3,5 km

Pallastunturi Visitor Centre  

  • Vatikurun Nature Trail, 3 km
  • Taivaskeronkierros Trail, 9 km
  • Palkaskeronkierros Trail, 7 km
  • Hetta–Pallas - Hikingtrail, 55 km /each way
  • Pallas–Ylläs - Hikingtrail, 69 km / each way
  • Tunturi-Lapin taival Trail to Jeris, Olos, Raattama, Rauhala and Ylläs

Koivarova parking area

  • Keimiöjärvi open wilderness- and rental hut, 3,5 km / each way

Ruoppaköngäs parking area

  • Ruoppaköngäs Trail, 200 m /each way

Äkäsjoki parking area

  • Äkäskeronkierros Trail, 16 km

Äkässaivo parking area

  • Saivonkierros Trail, 3 km

Linkupalon Tulivuoripuisto parking area

  • Tulivuoripuisto Trail, 1 km

Kesänkijärvi parking area

  • Hillapolku Trail, 6 km
  • Tähtipolku Trail, 8 km

Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas

  • Varkaankuru Nature Trail, 3,5 km
  • Kiirunankieppi Trail, 15 km
  • Ylläs-Levi -Hikingtrail, 50 km
  • Ylläs-Pallas -Hikingtrail, 69 km
  • Ylläs-Olos -wilderness Trail, 69 km

Ylläslompolo parking area

  • Ylläslompolo Nature Trail, 3 km

Sport Resort Ylläs parking area in Ylläsjärvi

  • Saalistusjotos Trail, 5 km

Totovaara parking area

  • Lalvajärvi joutsenpolku Trail, 3 km / each way
  • Moloslaenkierros Trail, 11 km

Pyhäjärvi parking area

  • Vareslaenkierros Trail, 10 km
Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park © Metsähallitus

Hetta, Ounastunturi

Jyppyränpolku Trail, 1 km /each way

Parking Visitor Centre Walk on a nature trail Sights and scenery Hiking Snowshoeing Disposal toilet  

Available when the ground is unfrozen and a snowshoe trail in winter. Travel time 1 h. 
The trail climbs up to the peak of the Jyppyrä Hill and may be quite exhausting if you are not fit enough.

From the top of the Jyppyrä Hill, you can see the Ounastunturi Fell and the wilderness areas in the north.

Winter night in Jyppyrä Hill. Photo: Juha Kalaoja.

Starting Point
Fell Lapland Visitor Centre parking area, adress: Peuratie -road 15, 99400 Enontekiö

Coordinates: WGS84 lat: 68° 23.7148' lon: 23° 40.0297' ETRS-TM35FIN P: 7590634m I: 363107m. Excursion map (

Hiking Structures
Campfire shelter (, dry toilet. Take toilet paper with you.

The view across Lake Ounasjärvi towards the Ounastunturi Fells, Hetta village and the Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area. On the information boards, you learn about the ancient seita stone and how young people used to convene at Jyppyrä to celebrate midsummer.

Trail Description
Trail markings: red painted sun marks. Excursion map (
On the steep trail to Jyppyrä, which starts from the Visitor Centre, you quickly leave the airy pine forest and reach the summit above the treetops. Here you have a view towards the Ounastunturi Fells, Hetta village and the Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area

Peurapolku, 1 km /each way

Visitor Centre Walk on a nature trail Sights and scenery Fireplace Disposal toilet  

Available when the ground is unfrozen. Travel time 45 min.
An easy nature trail at the foot of the Jyppyrä Hill.

On the Forest Reindeer Trail, you learn about the hunting of forest reindeer in ancient times.

Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä/MH.

Hiking Structures
Fell Lapland Visitor Centre's services its' opening hours. Open fireplace in front of the Visitor Centre.

On the Forest Reindeer Trail, you learn how forest reindeer was hunted in ancient times. Along the trail, there are old trapping pits, sections of leading fence and information boards providing details of the hunting culture. You can also find trapping pits in front of the Visitor Centre.

Trail Description
Trail markings: Imprints of hooves in forest reindeer poles.
The Forest Reindeer Trail is part of the trail network in the area and you can walk it from end to end or include it in a more extensive hike.

Please Note
The trails in the Hetta area, such as the Palosenjärvi and Pahtajärvi trails, as well as the Fitness Trail run through the Forest Reindeer Trail. 

Hetta-Pallas -trail, 55 km / each way

Long hike Hiking Skiing Boating Open wilderness hut Rental Hut. Lapp Pole Tent. Disposal toilet Sights and scenery Parking  

Available when the ground is unfrozen and skiing in winter time. Travel time 3 - 4 days. The trail runs on a chain of fells and is fairly demanding physically. 

The Hetta-Pallas trail was laid out as early as 1934 and it remains one of the most popular hiking trails in Finland. It is also one of the main trails in the Fell Lapland trail network and takes you from one fell top to another and from village to village. 

Photo: Heikki Sulander.

Starting Point in the North
Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre, adress: Peuratie 15, 99400 Enontekiö
ETRS-TM35FIN P: 7590634m I: 363107m , WGS84 lat 68° 23.7148' lon: 23° 40.0297' (

Starging Point in the South
Pallastunturi Visitor Centre, address: Pallastunturintie 557, 99330 Pallastunturi (Muonio)
ETRS-TM35FIN P: 7550912m I: 377555m, WGS84 lat 68° 2.7648' lon: 24° 3.8562' (

Hiking Structures
Open Wilderness huts Pyhäkero (serves' as a cafe during skiing season at springtime), Sioskuru (16 pers), Tappuri (8 pers), Pahakuru (6 pers), Hannukuru (16+16 pers, also sauna), Montellin Maja (4 pers) and Nammalakuru (20 pers).  Reservable Huts in Sioskuru (8 pers), Hannukuru (12+12 pers) and Nammalakuru (12 pers).  Lapp Pole tents are in Suaskuru (for eating bait and resting a while), Rihmakuru and Hannukuru.

Read more about the services on the website of the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail. Make sure to have a sleeping bag and pad, a camping stove, cutlery and toilet paper.

Pallas-Ounastunturi chain of fells, the fell scenery and the open wilderness huts in the area. Southern spruce forests give way to pines and mountain birches. Reindeer roundup site at Marasto, which is still in use.

Trail Description
Trail markings: wooden poles
Read more about the trail the website of the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail. (

Please Note
Local entrepreneurs take you across Lake Ounasjärvi ( on their boats. They also operate a car transfer service between Pallas and Hetta.

Hietajärven polku -trail, 3 km / each way

Long hike Hiking Lapp Pole Tent. Disposal toilet Parking  

Available when the ground is unfrozen. Travel time 45 min. An easy trail in an airy pine forest.

Lake Hietajärvi, surrounded by ridges, is known for its crystal-clear water and sandy bottom.

Lake Hietajärvi, surrounded by ridges, is known for its crystal-clear water and sandy bottom. Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä/MH.

Starting Point
Ketomella, a small parking area of Ketomella, address: Ounastie 4629, 99420 Enontekiö.

ETRS-TM35FIN P: 7575845m I: 377242m,  WGS84 lat: 68° 16.1570' lon: 24° 1.6809' (

Hiking Structures
Open Lapp Pole tent for resting, dry toilet. Make sure to have a camping stove, cutlery and toilet paper.

A strikingly beautiful pine forest characterised by ridges and lakes with sandy bottom. 

Trail Description
Trail markings: The trail is not marked. The summer trail climbs up from Lake Hietajärvi to Seiponen and merges at the top with the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail in the Pahakuru open wilderness hut and in Tappuri. (

Tappurinkierros - Circle Trail, 19 km

Long hike Hiking Open wilderness hut Lapp Pole Tent. Disposal toilet Parking  

Available when the ground is unfrozen. Travel time 8 hours. An easy trail.

Near Hetta-Pallas hiking trail, in Rouvikuru. Photo: Seija Olkkonen/MH.

Starting Point
Ketomella, address: Marastontie 113, 99420 Enontekiö.

ETRS-TM35FIN P: 7577248 m I: 376878 m, WGS84 lat 68° 16.9009'lon: 24° 01.0550' (

Hiking Structures
Open wilderness hut, a lapp pole tent, dry toilet. Make sure to have a caping stove, cutlery and toilet paper.

Trail Description
Trail markings: has not been fully marked. 


Montellin maja, 4,5 km / each way

Long hike Hiking  Ski cross-country on maintained trails Demanding wheelchair trail Open wilderness hut Open fireplace. Disposal toilet Parking  

Available when the ground is unfrozen and in winter skiing. Travel time 45 min.

Recommended direction: either direction.
Recommended direction: anti-clockwise
Please Note


Suggested Trips

Suggestions for Winter:

Half a Day: Visit one of the three Visitor Centres and go snow shoe walking the nearby winter trail.

1 Day: Make a snowshoe trip to fell tops.

2 Days: Take a ski trip from village to village in Ounastunturi, Pallastunturi, and Yläästunturi Fells.

3 Days: Take a winter photography holiday and capture northern lights, moonlit landscapes, and the fells with red winter clouds or snow-covered trees.

Suggestions for Spring:

Half a Day: Enjoy the spring sun on maintained ski trails.

1 Day: Take a ski trip to a fell hut, stopping for coffee and grilled sausages along the way.

2 Days: Go ice fishing and skiing on a frozen lake to enjoy the Arctic sun and fell sceneries. Visit the nature evenings organized at visitor centres.

3 Days: Rest and enjoy the services of cooperating partners in between trips to the fells. Try dog or reindeer sledge rides and horseback riding in the wilderness. A ski trek from a wilderness hut to another is a good option too.

Suggestions for Summer:

Half a Day: Hike a nature trail.

1 Day: Climb onto the fells and hike for a day carrying coffee and a packed meal with you. Enjoy the fresh air.

2 Days: Climb on a bike and cycle from village to village through the fells. Let local operators organize accommodation, delicious food, and luggage transportation for you.

3 Days: If hiking from a wilderness hut to another is not your cup of tea, make day trips to different destinations. Hike to Varkaankuru and Kiirunankieppi on the day one, in Teuravuoma on the next, and from Lake Pyhäjärvi to Aakenustunturi Fell on the third.

Suggestions for Autumn:

Half a Day: Visit the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre and Jyppyrä vantage point.

1 Day: Cross Lake Ounasjärvi on a boat and hike to Pyhäkero.

2 Days: Hike from Hetta to Ketomella and spend the night in between in Sioskuru or Pahakuru. Those who are fit enough will have time to hike onwards to Lake Vuontisjärvi in Ylikyrö via Hannukuru.

3 Days: Autumn is the best time for travelling from village to village. In addition to pleasant accommodation and excellent food, you will meet the locals and can enjoy the freedom of not having to carry any luggage with you.

Trail Map

Hetta–Jyppyrä Trail Map

Pdf-file 4,5 Mb  (

Pallastunturi Fell
Trail Map

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Self-guided Tour: "From the Bothnian Bay to the High Fells of Arctic Lapland"

Self-guided Tour: "From the Bothnian Bay to the High Fells of Arctic Lapland"

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Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

(chapter 8 -  Keeping a dog)