Linnansaari National Park

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The Emblem of Linnansaari National Park - Saimaa Ringed SealLinnansaari, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District, is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys. The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets. At Linnansaari Croft traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are preserved. The lakeland scenery is a delight all year round. A boat service takes trippers to the main island during the summer. Longer lake cruises set off from the nearby historic town of Savonlinna.

Lakeland Home of the Unique Saimaa Ringed Seal

Location of Linnansaari National Park in FinlandLocation: In South Savo Region in the areas of Rantasalmi (, Savonlinna ( and Varkaus ( Read more

Arrival: By car, boat and public transportation. Read more

Activities: Canoeing, hiking, tour skating. Read more

Sights: The natural and cultural landscape: the Saimaa Ringed Seal, the white-backed woodpecker, the osprey and meadows, grazing lands and forest pastures, the Linnansaari Croft. A beautiful lakeland landscape opens up from Linnavuori Rock. Read more

Suitability: Suitable for visitors of all ages and all conditions, in summer and during the skating season. No services for visitors with mobility difficulties.

Services: Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari, Sammakkoniemi Camping, excursion harbours, camping sites, campfire sites, dry toilets, boat landing places, a visitors' berth. Services of cooperating partners are also available. Read more

Trails: A nature trail on the Park's main island (2km) and marked trails (5.5 and 7km). A maintained skating trail in late winter (20km). Read more

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The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: Akselinkatu 8, 57130 Savonlinna, Finland.

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