Hossa National Park - National Park in 2017

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The Emblem of Hossa National parkThe magnificent wilderness of Hossa is an excellent destination: the trails running along pine heaths invite you to hike and cycle, and the crystal-clear lakes to go canoeing and fishing. The rock paintings of Julma-Ölkky and Värikallio depict stories of shamanism, dating back thousands of years.
Hossa is Finland's 40th national park.
It was opened 17th June 2017 to celebrate Finland's centenary of independence.

Crystal Clear Fishing Waters and Ancient Rock Paintings

Location of Hossa Hiking Area in Finland

Location: Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia, Suomussalmi (www.suomussalmi.fi), Kuusamo (www.kuusamo.fi) and Taivalkoski (www.taivalkoski.fi). Read more.

Arrival: By car or by public transport. Read more.

Things to do: Hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, fishing. Read more.

Things to see: Värikallio rock paintings, the Julma-Ölkky canyon lake, the mosaic of crystal-clear waters and eskers, the buildings that represent the livelihoods people used to have in days of old. Read more.

Suitability: Excellent for families with children. Partly also suitable for the disabled: part of the trails are accessible by wheelchair and there are also fishing jetties, a lean-to shelter and rental huts that are suitable for the disabled.

Services: Hossa Visitor Centre (open from March to October), open wilderness huts, lean-to shelters, campfire sites and firewood, camping sites, camping grounds, rental huts, dry toilets. Services provided by partners are available in the area. Read more.

Trails: The marked trails are mainly easy (90 km) and they are suitable for day trips and for longer hikes. Fairly easy water routes (60 km). Read more.

The address for this webpage is www.luontoon.fi/hossa

Self-guided Tour: "Kuusamo's Renowned National Parks"

Self-guided Tour: "Kuusamo's Renowned National Parks"

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Self-guided Tour: "From Helsinki to the Taiga Forests"

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Hossa National Park's map in Excursionmap.fi

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Hossa Visitor Centre
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