Southern Konnevesi National Park Directions and Maps


Southern Konnevesi National Park is located in the municipalities of Konnevesi and Rautalampi, on the border of the former provinces of Central Finland and Northern Savo. The park includes islands in the southern part of Lake Konnevesi and an extensive continuous stretch of mainland on the lake's eastern shore. The national park is located to the south of main road 69 and to the north-west of highway 9.


By Car or charter bus

When you wish to explore the mainland part of the national park in Enonniemi in Rautalampi, park your car in the parking area of the Törmälä holiday and course centre or in the Kalaja parking area. The bus parking area is in Törmälä, but buses with adequate ground clearance can take visitors all the way to the Kalaja parking area.

  • To Törmälä (Konnekoskentie 552, Rautalampi): From main road 69 between Konnevesi and Rautalampi, turn to Konnekoskentie road (no 16089, around 4 km west from the centre of Rautalampi). Drive along Konnekoskentie road for around 5.5 km, and the Törmälä holiday and course centre will appear on the left side of the road. You can park your car in Törmälä or drive on for 1.5 km along a forest road to the Kalaja parking area.
  • To the Kalaja parking area (Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi): Turn off the Konnekoskentie road (no 16089) onto the forest road that leads from the opposite side of the parking area of the Törmälä holiday and course centre. Drive for 350m and take the left fork of the Y-junction. At the end of the road, there is a turning point and a parking area for cars.  The marked trails to the national park begin from the corner of the parking area.
  • The accessible parking area at Vuori-Kalaja (Vuori-Kalajan metsätie 126, Rautalampi) is intended for disabled visitors only. For further information.

By boat or canoe

Cruise boats to the national park depart from Häyrylänranta. Partner entrepreneurs provide transport by boat. The national park is accessible by boat via the Kivisalmi straits, which connect the Northern and Southern Konnevesi lakes. Northern Konnevesi is connected to Lake Päijänne via a canal from Lake Keitele. Boats or canoes can be launched from Häyrylänranta or Kivisalmi in Konnevesi, or Kierinniemi, Hanhitaipaleen kalasatama or Pitkänpohjanlahti, Rautalampi.

  • To Häyrylänranta (Satamatie 60, Konnevesi): The Häyrylänranta service harbour in the municipality of Konnevesi is located close to Konnevesi parish village. From main road 69, turn onto Sirkkamäentie road (no 16771). Drive for approximately 750 m and follow the signs, then turn left onto Satamatie road, which leads to Häyrylänranta harbour.
  • To Kivisalmi (Rautalammintie 1935, Konnevesi) : Kivisalmi has a boat ramp which is owned by the municipality of Konnevesi. Kivisalmi is situated on main road 69, as part of the straits connecting Northern and Southern Konnevesi (about 19 km from Konnevesi, about 16 km from Rautalampi).
  • To Kalasatama in Hanhitaipale (Satamatie 143, Rautalampi): Kalasatama has a boat ramp, which is owned by the municipality of Rautalampi. Follow the signs 'Hanhitaipale' and 'Kalasatama' from Konnekoskentie road (no 16089) to road 16090 for Kalasatama.
  • More information on the services for boaters.

A kayak holder with three kayaks in front of a service building by a fishing harbour. The yard is made of rock dust.

By Public Transportation

  • There is no regular bus service to the national park. The bus services ( to Konnevesi and Rautalampi are the closest bus connections.


  • of Metsähallitus
  • Southern Konnevesi National Park Brochure (pdf, 4.9 MB,
  • For canoeing: Etelä-Konneveden retkeilykartta 1:40 000. Map is for sale from Törmälä, Häyrylänranta  and webshop (
  • National Land Survey Service Points (
  • Southern Konnevesi Leivonmäki Isojärvi Pyhä-Häkki, waterproof outdoor map 1:25 000. Karttakeskus 2019. Maps are for sale e.g. from Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookshops.
  • Terrain map N444 Konnevesi, 1:50 000. National Land Survey of Finland 2017.
  • Nautical chart of inland waterway/Sisävesikartta 446, Konne-, Niini- ja Iisvesi, 1:40 000. Finnish Maritime Administration 2005. Maps are for sale e.g. from Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookshops.
  • GT Outdoor Map Eastern Finland, 1:250 000, Karttakeskus 2015. Maps are for sale e.g. from Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookshops.

Map Sales Points

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Parking Areas

  • Konnekoskentie 552, Rautalampi
  • Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi
  • There may be delay in winter maintenance of the road and the parking area.
Vuori-Kalaja (no winter maintenance)
  • Satamatie 60, Konnevesi
Kalasatama, Hanhitaipale
  • Satamatie 143, Rautalampi


Southern Konnevesi Brochure

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Self-guided Tour: "7 Finnish National Parks"

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Self-guided Tour: "Land of a Thousand Lakes"

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