Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park Directions and Maps

Puurijärvi-Isosuo is located north of the main road 2 (Helsinki - Pori) and west of the main road 12 (Turku - Tampere), in the immediate vicinity of both roads.


By Car

  • To the eastern and northern parts of the park: From the main road 2, turn towards Tampere (road 12) and drive about 4 km, after which turn left to Karhiniementie road.
  • From the fork of the road it is about 6 km to the road Mutilahdentie and 2 km on Mutilahtitie to the parking area of Isosuo National park.
  • When going to Kärjenkallio bird watching tower, drive to the end of Karhiniementie road and turn to Kauvatsa (road 2481). From this road, there are signs to the Kärjenkallio bird watching tower about 3 km after the fork of the road. When going to Ahvenus bird watching tower continue the same road. After about 2 km from Kärjenkallio parking area turn left to Kyttälä. After about 1,5 km there is a sign to the Ahvenus bird watching tower.

For more detailed parking area addresses, please see below under Starting Points for Excursions.

By Boat

  • It is possible to reach the National Park along the rivers Kokemäenjoki and Ala-Kauvatsanjoki. On Lake Puurijärvi, however, boating is forbidden. On Lake Puurijärvi moving about is only allowed in winter when the lake is frozen.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • The parking areas are located at the starting points of the nature trails in Mutilahti (Isosuo parking area: Mutilahdentie  201, 32700 Huittinen and Mutilahti bird watching tower: Mutilahdentie 240,  32700 Huittinen) and nearby Kärjenkallio bird watching tower (Yttiläntie 981  32800 Kokemäki) in Työtilä. There is also parking area nearby Ahvenus bird watching tower (Kyttäläntie 1118,  32800 Kokemäki). Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.
  • Starting Points for Trails


Other Maps

  • Retkeily GT Etelä-Suomi: GT Outdoor Map Finland South, 1:250 000. Karttakeskus 2019. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Terrain map M334, 1:50 000. The map is sold by Karttakeskus and the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Maastokartta: Terrain maps nos 2112 02 ja 2112 03, 1:20 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and the National Land Survey of Finland. 

Map Sales Points

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Parking Areas  

Kärjenkallio Bird Watching Tower

  • Yttiläntie 981,  32800 Kokemäki


  • Mutilahdentie  201, 32700 Huittinen

Mutilahti Bird Watching Tower

  • Mutilahdentie 240,  32700 Huittinen

Ahvenus Bird Watching Tower

  • Kyttäläntie 1118,  32800 Kokemäki

Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

Puurijärvi-Isosuo Brochure 

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