Warning! Do not walk on any ice!

(Updated 14.1.19)
Winter is slowly deepening and the ice on top of rivers and lakes in the national park will not be able to withstand the weight of a human. It has come to our knowledge that there have been a few small accidents on the ice, but so far serious injuries have been avoided. We ask visitors to stay on the marked trails, and advise to refrain from walking on the snowmobile tracks on top of the ice.

New opening hours in Karhunkierros Visitor Centre

(Updated 7.8.2018)
Karhunkierros Visitor Centre in Hautajärvi is open Mon-Sat 9-17 and Sun 11-16. Metsähallitus Customer Service Point is open Tue-Sat 9-16 until 16.9.2018.

Attention! Follow the marked trails!

(Updated 02/2017)

All the trails in Oulanka National Park are marked and from every mark you should see the next one. We would like to remind you, that there are procedures in the park which require the use of snowmobiles. The snowmobile tracks resemble walking paths and may lead you away from the marked trails. Straying from the marked trail may lead to getting lost, which is why we urge you to be aware of your surroundings. Always remember to dress appropriately and pack extra supplies with you on your trip. If you come across shortcomings in the trail markings, please feel free to send information to oulanka@metsa.fi.

Watch Oulanka web cam

Kiutaköngäs web cam picture (oulankalw.oulu.fi)

Oulanka web cam

Karhunkierros Trail Weather

The latest weather forecasts and warnings for Kuusamo and Hautajärvi, Salla (www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).