Eastern Lapland Region

There is a vast marked and maintained network of trails in the Sallatunturi Area, which is equipped with service structures such as day-trip huts and resting spots such as campfire sites. There are several trail options for day-trips for either summer or winter visits. Those visitors planning on taking a longer trek can for example follow the UKK Hiking Trail which crosses through the area. During winter there is a good network of winter and ski trails in the area for enjoying winter landscape.

Nature is diverse in the South Salla region. There are several protected areas there, which include large aapa bogs, old-growth forests as well as fells. There are also many magnificent nature destinations outside of the protected areas: wilderness area -like hills, large mires and lush river banks.

Plans are underway to turn Sallatunturi Nature Reserve into a national park. The matter is still pending, and Parliament will make its decision no earlier than autumn 2021. However, we are already drawing up plans for improving service infrastructure in the area of the planned park. We will be able to launch this work if Parliament confirms the establishment of the national park.

The state-owned area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: Hautajärventie 111, 98900 Salla, Finland. Service structures which are situated on privately owned lands are maintained by the municipality of Salla and ski trails are maintained by Sallan Latupooli Association.

This is the web page nationalparks.fi/sallatunturiarea