Liesjärvi National Park Directions and Maps


Liesjärvi National Park is located by main road 2 (Helsinki - Pori) in Tammela about 95 km from Helsinki and 22 km from Forssa.

By Car

There are signposts leading to the National Park on main road 2:

  • When heading to the south and centre parts of the park to Korteniemi Heritage Farm and Kopinlahti Bay there is a signpost ("Liesjärven kansallispuisto" and "Korteniemi perinnetila") at the intersection where you should turn off. The intersection is 24 km from Karkkila and 22 km from Forssa.
  • When heading to the north part of the park to Pirttilahti Bay, Peukalolammi area and Kaksvetinen area, you should turn off main road 2 onto Kanteluksentie Road (no 13 606) at the signpost for Liesjärvi. Drive along Kanteluksentie Road for 2,5 km and turn into the parking area on the right-side of the road.
  • Driving directions to Häme Nature Centre.

For more detailed parking area addresses, please see below under Starting Points for Excursions. 

By Public Transportation

Many coaches travel along main road 2 daily. Timetables (

  • Visitors can get off coasches at Kyynäräntie Road intersection. From there it is a 4-km-walk to Korteniemi Heritage Farm and 1,5 km to Kyynäränharju, a sandy shored ridge. A map make easier to follow the route.
  • On the northwest side of the area visitors should get off coaches at the stop at Eerikkilä intersection. From there it is a 1,5-km-walk in the direction of Porras to Häme Visitor Centre. From the Nature Centre it is a 5-km-hike to the northern border of the park.
  • Visitors can also get off coaches at Loukku intersection on the southeast side of the National Park. From Loukku it is a 6 km hike along a forest road to Liesjärvi National Park. Visitors will need a map to follow this route.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • The National Park's parking areas are located at Pirttilahti Bay (Kanteluksentie 211, Tammela), at Sikomäki (Kanteluksentie 530, Tammela), at Peukalolamminkangas (Kanteluksentie 580, Tammela, turn to Katavalammintie road and drive 300 m), at Kopinlahti Bay (Kansallispuistontie 203, Tammela), at Lehdos (Korteniementie 160, Tammela), at  and at Korteniemi (Korteniementie 242, Tammela). The Pirttilahti, Kopinlahti and Korteniemi parking areas have a dry toilet, a picnic table and information boards. Lehdos parking area has a picnic table. Parking area at Sikomäki and Peukalolamminkangas has information boards. In winter time parking places are taken care of.


Other Maps

  • Retkeily GT Etelä-Suomi: GT Outdoor Map Finland South, 1:250 000. Karttakeskus 2019. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Liesjärvi Torronsuo Hämeen Ilvesreitti, 1:25 000, Calazo 2017. The map is sold by (in Finnish) and retailers such as Häme Nature Centre.
  • Terrain map L421, 1:50 000. The map is sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Häme Lake Uplands outdoor map (Hämeen järviylängön ulkoilukartta),
    1:55 000,
    Karttakeskus 2010. The map is sold by Häme Nature Centre, Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.
  • Maastokarttalehdet Basic terrain maps 2024 11 and 2024 12, 1:20 000. The maps are sold by Häme Nature Centre, Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.

Map Sales Points

A hand holding a mobile phone showing Open the map of Liesjärvi in

Parking Areas


  • Korteniementie 242, Tammela


  • Kanteluksentie 211, Tammela


  • Kanteluksentie 530, Tammela

Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

Other parking areas