Sights and Activities on Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill

Iso Linnamäki castle hill in Porvoo is one of the most spectacular antiquities in the Uusimaa region, and is part of the national urban park of Porvoo. It provides fascinating perspectives of the past and present of the city. Pikku Linnamäki castle hill, and the Maari park adjacent to Iso Linnamäki, also have a range of interesting sights:

  • Iso Linnamäki castle hill rises as high as 30 metres, towering over the valley of the River Porvoo. Iso Linnamäki is one of Finland's best-preserved ancient fortifications. The large flat square on top of the hill is surrounded by two deep moats that have always been dry. The two large pits on the flat top of the hill are probably the remains of storage cellars. Find out more about the history of Iso Linnamäki castle hill.
  • Iso Linnamäki castle hill is a magnificent sight in itself and the views over the city are beautiful. With its relics of times gone by, the Linnamäki area dominates the cityscape. The Old Bridge offers the best views of the hill. In terms of cultural history, this view is unique, as from the same spot you can see monuments of church, state and bourgeois power within the setting of a medieval city. From the top of Iso Linnamäki castle hill you can admire the city of Porvoo and the River Porvoonjoki.
  • Maari Bay next to Iso Linnamäki castle hill used to serve as a harbour for the vicarage and, most probably, the castle. The bay is gradually becoming shallower and overgrown and provides a valuable habitat for vegetation, as does the heritage environment between Maari Bay and Iso Linnamäki hill. Maari Bay is administered and managed by the City of Porvoo.
  • The Pikku Linnamäki Cemetery to the north of Iso Linnamäki castle hill dates back to the Roman Iron Age, 0–400 AD. The 14–16 people buried in the cemetery were laid to rest with an abundance of objects, including bracelets, a bronze ring, sickles, a knife, a socketed axe, a spear point and an arrowhead. The ancient Pikku Linnamäki cemetery is administered and managed by the City of Porvoo. 

Iso Linnamäki castle hill in the background, seen from Maari Bay. Photo: Aino von Boehm