Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill

The emblem of the historical sites managed by MetsähallitusIn the peaceful Iso Linnamäki park high above the bustle of central Porvoo, it is difficult to imagine that this was the scene of fierce battles during the Great Northern War in the 1700s. Half a millennium before then, a castle dominating the entire Porvoo river valley stood on this site. It was probably built by the Swedes during their conquest of the east. The steep-walled moats circling the top of Linnamäki hill bear witness to the past. When examining the landscape, you can understand very well why ancient chieftains chose this hill as their refuge.

A Moment as Lord of the Castle Above Porvoo

Location of Iso Linnamäki in FinlandLocation: Uusimaa, Porvoo (

Visit: Iso Linnamäki castle hill is open to visitors, free of charge. Guided tours are available. Directions to Iso Linnamäki and instructions for visitors

Instructions and rules: The Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill is a fixed relic site, which may not be excavated, covered or damage in any way under the Antiquities Act ( Campfires are also prohibited.

Sights and Activities: The remains of an old medieval castle on a hill above the city, magnificent views over Porvoo. Find out more about Linnamäki Hill and its history

Services: Information boards. The wide range of services of central Porvoo are within walking distance. Services provided by partners are available. Information about services on Linnamäki hill

Suitability: A must for all medieval enthusiasts and a key attraction of trips to Porvoo for adults and children alike. Due to the uneven terrain, the site is not accessible for disabled visitors. Part of the area is accessible for prams and pushchairs.

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The site is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

City of Porvoo is responsible for managing the site.

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