Services on Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill

  • The paths, wooden bridges and signs provide a safe walking route along the castle walls and across moats. The walking routes continue into the adjacent Maari Park and Pikku Linnamäki.   
  • Porvoo tourist guides (, in Finnish) welcome enquiries on guided tours for groups.
  • In summer, Porvoo Theatre (, in Finnish) arranges Viking adventures for children on Iso Linnamäki castle hill.
  • A public toilet is situated by the Näsinmäki parking area on the other side of the River Porvoonjoki. The City of Porvoo maintains the public toilet. There are no toilet facilities on Iso Linnamäki castle hill.
  • The city centre with cafés, restaurants, museums, shops and other services is around 0.5 kilometres away from Iso Linnamäki castle hill.

Services for the Disabled

  • The terrain on the hill is steep and uneven, and is inaccessible to wheelchairs. However, some of the paths are wide, even and accessible for prams and pushchairs.
  • There are no toilet facilities for the disabled on Iso Linnamäki castle hill. The closest toilet for the disabled is situated next to the Näsinmäki parking area.
  • The good gravel walkways in the environs of Pikku Linnamäki cemetery and Maari Park are managed by the City of Porvoo.  

Photo: Aino von Boehm