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Syrjänalusenharju ridge forest will be managed

(Updated 24.8.2018)

Nature conservation related logging will be performed in the forests and on southern slopes of Syrjänalusenharju ridge. Logging will start on 22 September 2018 and continue throughout the winter. Logging will be done two-three days per week. During the logging it will be strictly forbidden to go to the area and the ridge part of Syrjänalusen harjupolku Trail will be closed. There will be guiding and informative signs in the terrain. We apologize for the inconvenience! 

The logging is part of nature conservation project Light & Fire LIFE (Paahde LIFE) which aims at improving the conditions for southern sunny slopes and endangered species inhabiting ridge forests. Light & Fire LIFE (www.metsa.fi). 

The use of the well at Onnin Maja Rental Hut Is prohibited due to contamination

(Updated 24.8.2017)
Coliform bacteria have been found in the water of the Onnin maja well and, for this reason, the water in the well must not be used. Instead, water can be fetched from the nearby Evo Centre.