What's Currently Happening in Riisitunturi National Park

The road to Riisitunturi National Park’s starting place is now in normal condition.

There still is snow and a lots of water in the terrain and in the trails.
Riisitunturi. Photo: Minna Koramo.

Easter memo 2019 on Riisitunturi National Park

(Updated 3.5.2019)
Some updates on activities and accessibility.

The road to Riisitunturi Starting Point is in normal condition

The road to parking area in Riisitunturi starting point is now drivable even on passenger cars. 

There are lots of snow in the terrain. Weather forecast says that more fresh snow is coming next days. Even though hiking is possible by snow shoes it is not the best season to go to the area right now. After freezing nights the snow is more supporting.

Skiing trail closed

Maintenance of skiing trail Riisin rykäsy now ended for this winter.

You might use the trail still on early mornings and with snow shoes or skiis on.

Changes in the route line of Riisin rietas

(Updated 10/2017)
The section between Soilu lean-to shelter and Riisitunturi Open Wilderness Hut has been rerouted: The new trail climbs up to the top area of Pieni Riisitunturi fell instead of following on the side of it. This has been done due to sustainability and safety reasons of the trail. The new route line has been marked on the terrain with ribbons, signs and and maps. We kindly ask for the visitors to pay attention to this and to follow the markings of the new route line.


You can look at the map more closely by clicking on the picture.

Biking in Riisitunturi area is restricted

(Updated 7.10.2016)
According to the rules and regulations of the Riisitunturi National Park biking is restricted only to the roads between Tolva - Niirokumpu and Jaksamo - Ruokamo. Therefore kindly note that it is not allowed to bike along the hiking trails Riisin rääpäsy (4.3 km), Riisin rietas (10.7 km) and Noukavaara - Kirintövaara trail (29 km). This is to save the fragile nature of Riisitunturi as well as to improve safety on the trails.

The road to Noukavaara starting point in bad condition

(Updated 7.10.2016)
The road from Tolva village to Noukavaara starting point has been damaged and is now recommended only for cars with a higher ground clearance.

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Weather in Riisitunturi

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