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The emblem of the historical sites managed by MetsähallitusThe island of Seili has a gloomy past as a remote place of confinement for lepers and a mental asylum. Those exiled to the island brought along the planks for their coffin and never returned to the outside world. Today, visitors can admire the Museum Church of Seili and enjoy the charming island views and good ferry connections.

Centuries of History as the Island of Lepers and the Insane  

Location of Seili in FinlandLocation: Southwest Finland, Parainen (

Visit: Year-round ferry service The Museum Church is open in summer. Guided tours are available. More information on connections and timetables

Instructions and rules: The Seili Island is a fixed relic site, which may not be excavated, covered or damage in any way under the Antiquities Act ( Campfires are also prohibited.

Sights and activities: The Museum Church dating back to the 1700s and the island's grim history. The 1.3 km trail across the island of Seili, equipped with signage, leads visitors through a magnificent island landscape. More information on the special features of Seili

Services: Seili Summer Kiosk, ferry service, visitors' berth, guided tours. Services provided by partners are available. More information about services on Seili  

Suitability: A charming destination for friends of history and the archipelago. The island has no special services for the disabled, but the terrain is mainly easy. The island is accessible for prams.  

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The Museum Church and parts of Seili island are managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

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