Rokua National Park

The Emblem of Rokua National Park - Common RedstartWhen you explore the esker ridges, sandhills and kettle hole lakes of Rokua it's easy to see the clear traces of the Ice Age that explain why this area forms part of Finland's first UNESCO Geopark. Family-friendly trails lead off through the park's wooded sandhills, where the forest floor is blanketed with silvery lichens. Scattered through the park are many kettle hole lakes nestling in sandy hollows.

Rokua Geopark

Comprising Rokua, Lake Oulujärvi and the Oulujoki River Valley, the Rokua Geopark was the first area in Finland to join the network of Geoparks listed by UNESCO. At the same time, Rokua Geopark is the northernmost of the 67 Geoparks that form the Geopark network.

Inland Dunes and Scenic Kettle Hole Lakes in Finland's First Geopark

Location of Rokua National Park in FinlandLocation: In Northern Ostrobothnia in Muhos (, in Finnish), Vaala and Utajärvi. Read more

Arrival: By car and public transportation. Read more

Activities: Trekking, berry and mushroom picking, admiring the sights and the views. Read more

Sights: Traces of the Ice Age, such as the ancient dunes, the sunny southern slopes, the kettle-hole ponds and the mires, can clearly be seen in the terrain. Read more

Suitability: Excellent for families with children. The Pitkäjärvi Trail (0.8 km), the Lapp ‘kota' hut and the dry toilet are suitable for the disabled.

Services: The Suppa Information Centre (maintained by the municipality of Utajärvi) is located outside of Rokua National Park. Campfire sites, Lapp ‘kota' huts, an open wilderness hut, a rental hut, an observation tower, dry toilets. Services provided by the cooperating partners are also available. Read more

Trails: The trails in the national park join the network of trekking trails in the Rokua area (57 km).  The area boasts a wide network of maintained ski trails. Read more

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The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. Address: P.O.Box 81, 90101 Oulu, Finland.

Self-guided Tour: "7 Finnish National Parks"

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Liminka Bay Visitor Centre
The maintenance of Rokuavaara summer trails and campfire sites, information about permits for the national park
Tel. int. + 358 206 39 6059

The Information Center Suppa
Rokua Geopark tourist information, skiing tracks
Tel. int. +358 8 554 5500


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