Silesjuuhâ / Silisjoki Rental Hut

Rental hut for 8 persons, 35m2. There is a separate sauna building.


Hut can be booked directly at Erä webshop ( Terms of reservation for the Silisjoki rental hut. The hut cannot be booked 11.-31.5. and 16.10.-30.11.

River Näätämöjoki is one of the most popular salmon fishing rivers in Finland. Its headwaters, in particular, are also excellent for grayling fishing. The wilderness character of River Näätämöjoki creates a fine atmosphere for visitors. At this river, which is located far away from roads, you will be able to fish in tranquil wilderness. The Silisjoki hut is located on the shore of Lake Opukasjärvi, by the mouth of River Silisjoki. In addition to the old, atmospheric log cabin, there is also a spacious sauna by the shore. Please note that there is a quota for the number of fishing licences to be sold for River Näätämöjoki.


Northern Lapland, Inari region, Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area.

Silisjoki rental hut, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 69° 36.1615' lon: 28° 25.4021' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7722211 E: 555360.

The closest neighbour is at a distance of 200 m.

The closest village is Sevettijärvi 14 km, and there is a grocery store in Näätämö village.


150 € / night, prices include VAT 10%.


The main cabin has room for 6 people, 3 bunk beds, a convertible sofa, and a camp bed. A gas cooker (incl. an oven), a fireplace, a wood-burning stove, a kitchenette. Please note that it takes some time until the hut is properly warm. Drinking water can be taken from the river. The water is not tested annually, so we recommend that you boil the drinking water first. There are no kitchen towels nor toilet paper at the hut. A Equipment List for Rental Huts (pdf, 57kt).

  • Bring toilet paper, paper towels, and candles with you.

A shoreside sauna including a spacious sauna and a bedroom. In the bedroom, a folding wooden bed for 1‒2 persons. A wood-burning stove.

Other facilities: a rowing boat (boating vests), wood heating, a dry toilet, a root cellar, a campfire site. 


Key for the hut is in a coded key box located outside at the hut door. You will receive further instructions and the code when booking.


In summer: drive to the village of Sevettijärvi and carry on for about 1 km towards Näätämö, and turn to the left to "Ahvenjärvi". Drive to the starting point of the Pulmankijärvi Trail, from where the remaining stretch to the hut is about 10 km. On foot, the distance from the village of Sevettijärvi to the hut is about 14 km. The most common way of travelling to the hut is by flying to the adjacent Lake Opukasjärvi, from where the walking distance to the hut is about 1.7 km. By boat (which is to be found by the hut), the distance is about 1.2 km.


The hut is located in a reindeer herding area, take into account the free-grazing reindeer and keep your dog on a leash, read more about hiking in a reindeer herding area

When boating in the area, please be particularly cautious as there are rocks and shoals in River Silisjoki and Lake Opukasjärvi.

In winter, you can travel to the hut along the snowmobile track. If branching off from the snowmobile track onto the lakes (ice-fishing), a cross-country traffic permit is required. You can enquire about the permits from +358 (0)206 39 7701.

There is a quota for the number of fishing licences to be sold for River Näätämöjoki.

  • This 7 km long stretch of rapids (all the way to Kontinpaistama) is excellent for salmon fishing.
  • There are also great ice-fishing waters in the area in spring.

It is allowed to bring pets in the hut.

There is no refrigerator, but a root cellar.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. For more information contact Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida tel. int. +358 206 39 7740.

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