Instructions on Exploring Oulujärvi Hiking Area

In the hiking area the following is


  • Moving around and camping, according to the Everyman's right, although it is recommended that visitors camp in the designated places. On Manamansalo Island, camping is only allowed on the camping ground.
  • Picking berries and mushrooms


  • Campfire is only allowed at sites marked for this purpose


  • Lighting campfires if the forest fire warning is in effect
    • Making open fires is always prohibited at both marked campfire sites and when fires are permitted by the land owner if a forest fire warning has been issued for the area ( 
    • This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue.
  • Pets running at large
  • Driving motor vehicles, except on roads designated for motor vehicles
  • Leaving waste in the area, or damaging constructions


Mobile Phone Coverage

  • Although Finland has a broad network for mobile phones, there are some areas in the hiking area where cliffs or forest block signals. There may also be some smaller spots where there is interference. If this happens try to climb to a higher place or go into an open area. It may be worth removing the SIM card from your phone and then trying again to make emergency call. Different phones also differ in their coverage.
  • We recommend that you keep your mobile phone warm at all times and take along food and drink. Certain phone models do not work when the temperature falls below zero. You should therefore let someone know your planned route. To keep your mobile phone charged, bring along a spare power source, a spare battery or an old phone with a working battery.

Peak Seasons 

  • The most popular time for hiking trips is the Midsummer weekend in the end of June.


  • Lake Oulujärvi is the fourth largest lake in Finland, and in the autumn storms can be strong. Therefore a seaworthy boat is required.
  • Lake Oulujärvi usually freezes over in November and, because of the large size of the lake, the ice melts as late as in the end of May.

    Lake Oulujärvi is the fourth largest lake in Finland. Photo: Antti Leinonen


Emergency number 112

In case of an emergency along the way, for example if you get lost or injured or see a forest fire, dial 112. Detailed instructions.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!