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Symbol for Karhunkierros TrailFinland's most popular hiking trail, the legendary Karhunkierros Trail (also know as The Bear's Trail or The Bear's Ring), takes you to Oulanka's best locations by the roaring waters. The Karhunkierros Trail offers hikers many sights and many sweat-breaking kilometres. Thanks to route alternatives, the trail is also suitable for day trips. Part of the trail is also suitable for canoeing. This trail must be done at least once in lifetime!

Location of Karhunkierros Trail in FinlandThe legendary Karhunkierros Trail takes you to the best locations in Oulanka National Park 

When there is no snow on the ground, travel time 4 days
Category: an intermediate trail Intermediate trail
The trail is managed and maintained by Metsähallitus and the municipality of Kuusamo.


Location: In Northern Ostrobothnia, in Eastern Lapland in Kuusamo (www.kuusamo.fi), in Salla (www.salla.fi), and in Oulanka National Park. Read more.

Arrival: By car and public transportation. Read more

Things to see: Oulanka Canyon, River Oulankajoki, Kiutaköngäs Rapids, Jyrävä Waterfall, River Kitkajoki, the hanging bridges.

Suitability: Requires basic hiking skills, also suitable for inexperienced hikers. Read more

Services: The Oulanka Visitor Centre, a camping ground, open wilderness huts, day-trip huts, rental huts, campfire sites, hanging bridges, dry toilets.

Length: 82 km (the entire trail), many shorter route options (18 - 31 km). The trail has been marked with orange paint marks on trees. Read more

Hiking season: the best time to hike along this trail is from 1 June to 15 October. In winter, you can ski or snowshoe from the Oulanka Visitor Centre to Juuma. The high season is in July-August, more quiet at the end of May and in October.

The Karhunkierros Hiking Trail is also known as The Bear's Trail or The Bear's Ring.

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/karhunkierros

Self-guided Tour: "From Helsinki to the Taiga Forests"

Self-guided Tour: "From Helsinki to the Taiga Forests"
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