A Cross-section of a Charcoal Pit

On Mäntypolku Trail the cross-section of an old charcoal pit is a rare look at what life was like in wartime Finland. The pit is located at Kaunisniemenkangas a bit over a kilometre from Suomu Nature Information Hut.

Memorial Pine Tree

The memorial pine. Photo: Katri Suhonen

 Etchings on memorial trees remain reminders of the past for hundreds of years. Photo: Katri HeiskanenThe memorial tree at Suomu is one of the most magnificent in North Karelia. It is situated about 200 metres west of Suomu Nature Information Hut on a hiking trail. There are carvings on the trunk telling the stories of the families of two different forest rangers. On this tree can be found the dates on which the area's first forest ranger's Olli Siponen's sons died. His son Olli died at the age of 12 on 4.11.1875 and his son Matti died at the age of 21 on 20.2.1895. The last carving on the tree was made in 1973 when the area's last forest ranger's brother Armas died, while working in Sweden.

A memorial tree is hundreds of years old and has a reminder of a past event carved into its trunk. Originally in the 19th century memorial trees were carved in memory of the deceased, and so that they would not return to haunt their old home. The person's initials and year of death or birth were engraved into the trunk. Later on memorial trees were carved when a bear was killed in a hunt or for the victim of an accident. Sometimes a person's own meadows and slash-and-burn fields were also marked on the sides of trees.