Päijänne National Park

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The Emblem of Päijänne National Park - Lesser Black-backed GullThe pristine waters of Lake Päijänne wash the sandy shores of a chain of islands formed by an esker ridge that dates back to the Ice Age. Take a boat trip or rent a kayak and explore the park's many islands and their sandy coves and rocky shores. The nature trail at Pulkkilanharju ridge, accessible by road, also offers fine lakekand views. Look out for ospreys soaring over the lake. 

A Chain of Sandy Islands in One of Finland's Loveliest Lakes

Location of Päijänne National Park in FinlandLocation: In Päijät-Häme Region in the areas of Padasjoki (www.padasjoki.fi, in Finnish), Asikkala (www.asikkala.fi) and Sysmä (www.sysma.fi). Read more

Arrival: By car, boat and public transportation. Read more

Activities: Boating, sights and scenery, birdwatching. Read more

Sights: Esker islands, sandy shores and the lake landscape. Päijätsalo Observation Tower. Black-throated diver, osprey and lesser black-backed gull. Fishing culture, history of hiking and rock paintings. Read more

Suitability: In summer, suitable particularly for visitors by water. No services for visitors with mobility difficulties.

Services: Campfire sites, lean-to-shelters, camping sites, dry toilets, guest stages, excursion and guestharbours. Services of cooperating partners are also available. In summer, cruises and scheduled services. Read more

Trails: Several marked hiking trails (2–30km), in winter, the ice conditions permitting, a skiing trail maintained by the municipality of Padasjoki on the ice of Lake Päijänne (14km), in summer, routes for boating and canoeing. Read more

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/paijanne 

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, address: Talaskuja 3, 13200 Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Self-guided Tour: "Land of a Thousand Lakes"

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