Hiking Trails

There are 25 km of marked trails in Iso-Syöte Hiking Area. Some of these trails also enter Syöte Recreational Forest at Pytkynharju ridge. The trails are marked with yellow paint markings on trees. UKK Trail which cuts through the hiking area, however, is marked with blue paint markings. In addition there are pink marks for the cyclists.

Starting Points for Trails

The main starting point for trails is Syöte Visitor Centre. Other places where visitors can set off on hikes are at the Romekangas and Kellarilampi parking areas and at the Iso-Syöte holiday resort (www.syote.fi).

Nature Trails

  • Huippupolku (Fell Top Trail) is a 1 km long circle trail, which has its starting point at the hotel Tunturihotelli parking area on Iso-Syöte Fell. The trail climbs to the top of the fell and then returns to the hotel. The displays along the trail feature fell-nature. There is an brochure of the trail (julkaisut.metsa.fi).​
  • Naavaparta trail (3km) The starting point for the trail is Syöte Visitor Centre. Naavaparta trail will lead hikers to the secrets of Syöte. Wide and gravelled trails runs all the way to the Annintupa Day Trip Hut. From Annintupa, the trail is more narrow winding through the depths of the forest back to the Visitor Centre.
  • Kellarilampi Nature Trail (0,9 km) is a circle trail, which leads through Syöte Recreational Forest on Pytkynharju ridge. The trail features the history of the area's ridges, mire lakes and mires. The whole trail is accessible by wheelchair. There is an brochure of the trail (julkaisut.metsa.fi).
    • There are services for the disabled on Kellarilampi Nature Trail. Photo: Metsähallitus/ Hannu LehtonenServices: A parking area, which is located 200 m from the Poijula-Ranua road. A lean-to shelter, a dry toilet, fishing piers, and a boat/canoe stage, which are all accessible by wheelchair. Hook and line fishing and ice fishing are permitted in Lake Kellarilampi as Everyman's Rights.
    • Sights: Pytkynharju protected ridges

Circle Trails

  • Syötteen kierros Trail, 19 km
    This trail leads through Syöte Recreational Forest and circles Iso-Syöte Fell. The trail is connected to Kellarilampi Nature Trail and the Pytkynharju and Riihikumpu cottage areas.
    • Services: Syöte Visitor Centre, Annintupa day trip hut, and Lauttalampi and Kellarilampi lean-to shelters.
    • Sights: Syöte Visitor Centre and its exhibition. Ansapolku Trappers' Trail with hunting traps and Pytkynharju protected ridges.

Other Trails

  • Romevaara Trail (5,8 km)
    The starting point for this trail is at the Iso-Syöte Fell cottage village. The trail follows the UKK Trail and leads to the top of Romevaara Hill where is small circle trail. The trail returns same way back to Iso-Syöte Fell.
    • Sights: View of fell and forested hill landscape from the top of Romevaara Hill.
  • UKK Trail
    The National UKK Trail leads to Syöte from the south. A western branch of this trail network, Pintamo-Naamanka, connects to Syötteen kierros Trail at Pytkynharju ridge. After the Riihikumpu cottage area the UKK Trail turns off of to Syöte Visitor Centre and continues on through Syöte National Park to Posio.
    • Services: Iso-Syöte holiday resort (www.syote.fi) services and Syöte Visitor Centre. In Syöte National Park: Annintupa day trip hut, Lomaoja and Peuronlampi lean-to shelters. Lomavaara open wilderness hut is located in the Posio portion of the park.
    • Sights: Pytkyharju protected ridges and Syöte Visitor Centre and its exhibition.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

There are 30 km of mechanically maintained skiing trails in Iso-Syöte Hiking Area. The SM-90 Ski Trails (3, 5 and 10 km) are demanding and intended for competitive skiing. The Romevaara Ski Trails are for cross-country skiing of medium difficulty. Information about Syöte ski trails (www.syote.fi).

Biking Routes

Syöte has excellent cycling terrain for experienced mountain bikers, as well as for families with children going on day trips. The region boasts a total of about 150 kilometres of marked routes that have been designated for mountain biking and bicycle touring. The mountain bike routes run through varied terrain in the Syöte National Park and in the Iso-Syöte Hiking Area, and, partly, outside these areas. The bicycle touring routes chiefly run along motor roads. Read more.

Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!

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