Take Reindeer and Reindeer Husbandry into Consideration – Nature is The Home of Reindeer and Reindeer Herders

A drawn picture. The snowy fell has a reindeer sled, a reindeer dog and a reindeer herder on a snowmobile.

The Reindeer Are One Of The Foundations Of The Sámi Culture. Reindeer Husbandry Has A Long History And Still Plays A Major Communal And Cultural Role. 

  • You can see reindeer near settlements, in forests and on fells.
  • You may encounter reindeer herders in their work in the area of their reindeer herding cooperative. 

Let The Reindeer Graze In Peace. Do Not Scare The Reindeer.

  • Don't approach the reindeer - leave them alone. 
  • A person trying to approach may cause stress to the reindeer, which may be fatal to pregnant does especially in harsh winter conditions and in spring. 
  • Do not chase reindeer.
  • When walking through reindeer pastures, pass through the gate and close it after you if it was originally closed. If you are not within a reasonable distance of a gate, go under the fence. If you untie any fence ropes, securely tie them again. Do not go over the fence to avoid breaking or lowering the fence.

Let Reindeer Herders Work In Peace

  • If you find yourself in the middle of a herd being mustered by a reindeer herder, stay put until the herd has passed. 
  • If you see a herd of reindeer being transported by reindeer herders approaching you, do not stop but walk away from the herd and its direction of travel.
  • Do not go in the middle of round-ups or calf ear-marking without permission. If strangers enter round-up or calf paddocks, it may cause danger to the reindeer, reindeer herders and visitors.

Even Reindeer That Are Kept In Paddocks Near Settlements Are Not There For Tourists

  • Reindeer and reindeer paddocks must not be approached without the permission of the reindeer owner. 

Don't Disturb The Reindeer When You Photograph Them

  • If you want to take photos, shoot from sufficiently afar. If an animal reacts to you, you're too close. 
  • Drones especially scare reindeer. 

Natural livelihoods are sensitive to disturbances. Something you think is just a small thing may have major impacts on reindeer and the livelihood. Please respect this old and important livelihood that keeps the villages of the north alive. 

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