Hobo Stoves

There is a hobo stover on the ground, on top of which there is food in the pot.A hobo stove is a lightweight stove with a tin can for burning wood, such as loose and dry twigs and small branches. It is an ecological option, using renewable fuel that does not generate waste. In addition, hobo stoves do not burn soil vegetation. A hobo stove cannot flare up or explode. The flame in the kettle burns cleaner and the flame is hotter than in an open fire of similar size. You can find different types of hobo stoves on the market. There are different sizes available, and the smallest ones are suitable for hikers. 

Note when using a hobo stove

  • Using hobo stoves is not permitted if there is a wildfire warning due to the risk of sparks.
  • The hobo stove has an open fire and using it requires permission from the landowner. According to Metsähallitus guidelines, the use of a hobo stove is permitted on state-owned land wherever walking and trekking are allowed as well. Hiking in strict nature reserves is usually only permitted on specifically designated trails, and there may be restrictions in other protected areas, too. 
  • Always take special care when using a hobo stove. The stove must be placed on sand, stone or a vegetation-free surface, never directly on a grass or brush.
  • In protected areas, removing or destroying trees, bushes and other plants or their parts is prohibited. However, in protected areas, you can use dry twigs and branches that have fallen into the ground. 
  • Bury the ash in the ground when you are sure that it has completely cooled down. The best way to cool down the ash is to pour plenty of water on it. In protected areas, damaging the soil is prohibited, so you can put the ash under a stone, for example.  

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