Respect the Sámi Cultural Environment

A drawn picture. An adult and a child stand on the edge of a fell and look down into a valley with a settlement, reindeer, a reindeer fence and a lake.
Wilderness areas are not wild; they are a part the Sámi homeland, the everyday cultural environment of traditional livelihoods and Sámi communities. 

The Sámi Cultural Environment Is Formed By Visible And Invisible Parts

  • Built heritage, ancient remnants and traditional landscapes created by Sámi livelihoods are visible parts of it (
  • Oral tradition gives the landscape meaning and is transferred through generations as stories, place names and traditional Sámi music: yoik, livđe and leudd songs. 
  • Yoik is music from the Northern Sámi, livđe from the Inari Sámi, and leudd from the Skolt Sámi (in Finnish,

Respect The Sámi Cultural Environment

  • Take the sacred places of the Sámi into consideration and follow good practices. 
    • For example, you can visit Ukonsaari in Inari from the lake without disembarking onto the island and thus respect the sacred place. 
    • Do not damage the cultural environment and cultural heritage sites - you are allowed to look but please don’t touch.
    • Do not treat the cultural environment like a guest book by writing on walls or the ground, and do not move or pile rocks.
    • Leave rocks, structures and old trail markings in place. 

Take Into Account The Privacy Of Homes And Local Special Rights

  • The right to privacy applies to the home, yard and reindeer pasture in the yard. The right to privacy also protects reindeer and fishing huts, holiday cottages, lean-to shelters and campfire huts owned by private individuals and their yard areas, and their privacy must be respected.
  • Locals may have special rights that may differ from your rights. Locals often have good reasons for more extensive rights regarding e.g. off-road traffic, fishing and hunting. 
  • Follow good practices when taking photos in a public place. Ask for permission to photograph people. 

Do not alter the landscape through your actions or leave a trace of your visit!

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