Nature activities

Moving around in nature is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. There are many ways to move around and enjoy the scenery, natures sounds and scents, or observe animals, plants and other natural wonders.

Without special skills and equipment, you can travel well-marked, short routes. Good fitness, navigation and hiking skills are needed on some medium length and long routes and on different kinds of excursions. In addition, some hobbies, such as cross-country skiing, already require special skills. Fishing and hunting, in turn, require their own skills and permissions. When boating, paddling and canoeing you will need a transport, as well as, good navigation skills. Many nature tourism entrepreneurs offer kayaks, canoes and boats for rent and give you instructions for moving on water or arrange guided tours.

For demanding outdoor activities, it is always possible to hire a nature guide or a service that will allow you to enjoy the nature in a safe way.

Recommended Destinations for Hiking 



Coast and Archipelago 

Recommended backpacking trails for beginners

These are suitable hiking destinations for those with little backpacking experience. It is good, however, to know the basics of hiking and survival skills. 

Recommended destinations for multi-day hiking and backpacking

These are demanding hiking destinations and located off the beaten track. They are suitable only for those with excellent hiking and survival skills. Must be experienced and know how to a map and compass.