Keep Your Pet on a Leash – You And Your Pet Are Guests In Someone Else’s Home

Drawn picture. At the foot of the big pine tree there is a reindeer with antlers.

As a general rule, dogs must be kept on a leash everywhere except your own yard and in dog parks. In nature reserves, pets must always be on a leash. Only reindeer and hunting dogs as well as dogs in official work are allowed to be off-leash.

Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Get Loose

  • Off-leash dogs can cause damage to animals and disturb nesting by scaring away the mother or by interrupting incubation or caring for the babies.
  • Make sure that your hunting dog does not run after reindeer, enter reindeer pastures or cause disturbance to other animals.
  • The owner is always liable for any damage caused by the pet. For example, damage to reindeer may be significant. The best way to prevent damage is to comply with the legislation on keeping dogs in leash (in Finnish,
  • You need the landowner's permission to train a hunting dog. 

Do Not Approach Reindeer With A Dog

  • The reindeer see the dog as a predator and are scared of it. A dog can tire out and even kill a reindeer.
  • An off-leash dog can break up a reindeer herd or muster it to the wrong grazing area which causes extra work and expenses for reindeer owners. 
  • If a dog scares a pregnant doe, it may cause a miscarriage and the death of the calf, even if the dog was just excited about the reindeer.

Take Care Of Your Dog's Well-Being As Well

  • An off-leash dog may get lost in a strange environment, fall through ice or otherwise become injured. 
  • In a new environment, even a nice dog can behave differently and cause great damage.

Read more about the provisions of the Public Order Act (in Finnish,, the Hunting Act (in Finnish, and the Reindeer Husbandry Act (in Finnish,

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