Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • The trail to Kultala Village of the River Ivalojoki starts in the end of a forest road, near Pahaoja museum area. When going to Pahaoja, drive on the road 4 for about 15 km towards the village of Kuttura, and when you get to a kiosk, turn right to Sotajoentie road. Drive on this road for about 8 km and then turn left to Pahaoja.
  • Kultapolku Nature Trail starts along the road 4, about 1,5 km south of Laanila, and ends at the parking area in the beginning of Kutturantie road.
  • The starting point for Kulmakuru ski trail is at the Saariselkä Touris Centre next to Siula House.

Marked Trails

In Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, there are marked trails only around the gold area of the River Ivalojoki.

  • Pahaoja - River Ivalojoki Trail, 12 km, is the only marked summer hiking trail in Hammastunturi wilderness area. The trail's starting point is located by Pahaojantie road at a parking area with a guide shelter. From the starting point the trail descends down a forest path to the Pahaoja museum area which features buildings and machinery from gold mining days, as well as, includes an open and rental wilderness hut, which is in use during summer. At Pahaoja there is a guide shelter which features information on the history of gold mining. The trail continues below Pahaoja museum area onto a hanging bridge, which crosses the River Sotaoja and continues from there along the slope of Pahaojanpalo towards the norhwest. From there the trail leads across varying forest terrain and across rivers, at points where hikers must wade through the water. After passing Björklundinvaara Fell (327 m) the trail descends an extremely steep slope to the bank of the River Ivalojoki. The River Ivalojoki can be crossed via a hanging bridge and on the opposite side the trail climbs up the bank to the Kultala area.
  • In the immediate vicinity of Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, there is a 7,5 km long Kultareitti Nature Trail, which displays the gold history of the area. The trail goes by old gold mines and claims, and offers information about gold digging and its history. More information about the history and present of gold digging can be found in Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum (kultamuseo.fi). The trail is marked in a outdoor map.

Old Roads and Tracks

  • For a century, people have left behind roads and tracks going to the gold areas, logging sites and to reindeer herding work.

A plateau with two grooves running side by side, a few pine trees around.

Cross-Country Skiing Trails

  • The skiing trails of Saariselkä tourist centre go as far as to the eastern edge of Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, to the surroundings of the River Tolosjoki. There are two Campfire Shelters along the trail, one of which is located along the River Tolosjoki, and the other on the northeastern side of Harripäät Fells. Kulmakuru ski trail is only maintained during early spring for a short time. The trails are maintained with a machine, but they are only suitable for classical skiing. For up-to-date information on the condition of ski trails contact or visit Customer Service point.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

The canoeing route of the River Ivalojoki is popular and varied. You can start from Ivalon Matti or from the village of Kuttura, and continue until the Lake Inarijärvi. The length of the route from Kuttura to Ivalo is 70 km. This route on the River Ivalojoki requires some previous canoeing experience. There are 30 rapids between Kuttura and Ivalo, and there is a 82,5 m difference in altitude altogether. Although the River Ivalojoki is rocky and shallow in the summer, canoeing this route is possible all year round.

In front, a bubbling rapids flowed into a wide riverbed, a secluded canoe on the shore. An island growing in the middle of a river willow.

Snowmobile Tracks

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