Stress Management

Nature Helps us to Recover from Stress

Beautiful natural landscapes, sounds and smells help us to escape from the strain and stress of the workaday world. Nature helps your body recover from stress and optimises the functioning of your brain. 

The fast-paced flow of information and a lifestyle in which a majority of the day is spent with computers and a host of other electronic devices place demands on the functional capacity of your brain. Tasks that continuously require your full concentration expose you to stress and fatigue. Creativity and concentration deteriorate if your brain never has a chance to recover.

Because stress can result in inflammatory conditions and chronic illnesses, proper stress recovery is vital to your physical health. Studies have also found that the best place to let your mind relax and recover is any place where you can leave negative thoughts behind and set your mind free. Beautiful nature destinations are usually considered the best places for doing just this. Physical activity also promotes mental well-being.

What is your favourite kind of place in nature? When did you go there?

What is your favourite smell, landscape or sound in nature? 

A sitting hiker eating lingonberries from a wooden cup, seen from the hiker's point of view.


  • Take photos of nature. You'll be able to relive your nature experiences over and over again just by looking at them. The most memorable experiences, smells and feelings will last you a lifetime.

Nature Revitalises the Body in the Following Ways

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Slower pulse.
  • Lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches ease.
  • Lower muscle tension.
  • Experienced improvement in health and well-being.

Nature Refreshes the Mind in the Following Ways

  • Better mood.
  • Fewer negative moods such as anger, frustration and anxiety.
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Better problem-solving and concentration skills.
  • Improvement experienced in mental health and quality of life.