Ninka Reittu's storybook on responsible hiking Storm and Saana in the Forest has been published in English

Author Ninka Reittu has written and illustrated a children's book commissioned by Metsähallitus to encourage responsible hiking. In English, the book will be titled Storm and Saana in the Forest: Outdoor Etiquette stories. The book has been published in English and is available as a digital copy on the website of Metsähallitus. In addition, a small printing of the book has been distributed to visitor centres and tourism entrepreneurs. 

The woman is reading a storybook and the boy is listening next to her.Ninka Reittu’s delightful stories and illustrations take the readers outdoors in the company of Storm, Saana, Doggy Dougherty and Granddad Onni. The purpose of the stories is to encourage children to spend time in nature and to explain how to respect nature and other people when spending time outdoors. Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland wants to use the storybook to raise future generations into outdoor enthusiasts who respect nature.

The book is intended for 3–6-year-old budding outdoor enthusiasts. The book was previously published in Finnish, Swedish, Northern Sámi, Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi. 

The excursion etiquette is explained in the various communication channels of Metsähallitus. However, nature lovers of different ages are given the message in a way that best suits them. The key takeaways include respecting nature and other nature lovers, moving in the outdoors, camping, lighting fires and litter-free hiking – once you have mastered these, you are ready to head outdoors to enjoy nature.  The Outdoor Etiquette is a unique communication entity in the European level and is intended for responsible hiking in nature reserves. 

Ninka Reittu is a painter, children’s writer and cartoonist whose popular works include Ystäväni Pulla Vehnänen, Sinä olet superrakas and Messi ja Mysteeri books. She has also illustrated others’ texts, including Hannele Lampela’s Prinsessa Pikkiriikki books and texts by Kreetta Onkel. Reittu’s books have been sold in several countries, including Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Korea.

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