Visibility of National Parks Finland's partner companies in the new service via the DataHub database 

Visibility of a contract company in the service 

Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland is developing a national digital service that brings together different actors’ destinations, routes and services related to outdoor activities. The main idea of the new nature services is to provide people moving around in Finland’s nature with all the necessary information on outdoor activities and recreational services with the ‘one-window principle’. 

The new application and online service will be available to everyone at the end of 2024, free of charge. 

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Metsähallitus will be utilising the Visit Finland DataHub product database to present the service and product offerings of contract companies in its future service.   

How the service will improve company visibility 

  • The new service is more customer-friendly and presents the service offering of the area in a more diverse manner. 
  • In comparison to the current company listing, companies will gain much better destination-specific visibility for their products and services. 
  • Metsähallitus services and the tourism services provided by companies will be visible in the same view by category. 
  • Customers will be directed to different services in the smoothest possible manner at different stages of an excursion. 
  • The product card will provide content produced by the entrepreneur in DataHub, which means a product description and the most important information + a link to a possible webshop.    

How companies benefit from DataHub 

  • Product information is managed by the company and can be updated in a single place in real time. 
  • In addition to the service, you also have the opportunity for visibility on other marketing and sales platforms that utilise the DataHub offering, such as the websites of regional organisations, other tourism websites and   

Visibility in the new service requires the following: 

  • The company must have a valid tourism cooperation agreement ( with National Parks Finland. 
  • The company's services must be suitable for the content and target groups of the service. 
  • The company must have a website in both Finnish and English.  
  • The products/services offered by the company must be located/take place within or in the immediate vicinity of areas managed by Metsähallitus (the company may be registered elsewhere).  
  • All products added to the service from DataHub must comply with the rules of the operating area (destination) in question and other regulations. However, if you offer tourism products outside the boundaries of our area (i.e. in the immediate vicinity as a service to visitors in the area), please remember the principles of sustainable tourism (

Metsähallitus will curate the content displayed on the service website and check the suitability of every product for the service selection at the nature site in question. Metsähallitus will also ensure that the company meets the contractuality obligation. 

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