Photo: Metsähallitus/Petri Ryöppy.

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Warning for tourists and hikers - natural ice is yet too thin


Due to exceptionally warm weather conditions ice is still too weak in many parts of Finland. We strongly recommend for you to avoid going on any natural ice. It is extremely important to wait for the cold weather to tighten and for natural ice to get thick enough to carry!

The carrying capacity of ice needs to be measured carefully. Always make sure that the ice is thick enough and will carry you and your party. Ask local tourist information points if you are not sure. Please take into consideration that ice thickness can vary a lot even at short distances due to, for example, flowing water or quality of bottom.  

Self-guided Tours of Finland's Natural Attractions

National parks, national hiking areas and other protected areas provide the visitors with unforgettable moments, best sceneries and hiking and skiing facilities. Read more about the self-guided tours.

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