Vargis, Open Wilderness Hut

Vargis, Open Wilderness Hut has burned to the ground.  Vargis campfiresite, drytoilet and wood storage can be used normally. The jetty is still not accessible and should not be used.
The end of the 12 km long Björköby-Panike hiking trail is close by. A boat is needed to cross the sounds in order to reach the trail.


Western Finland, Ostrobothnia, Korsholm,
Kvarken archipelago

Vargis, coordinates:
Euref-Fin (~ WGS84)
lat: 63° 19.1475' lon: 21° 10.4417'  
ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7034407 E: 208426


By car

To reach the hut, follow road no. 724 from Vaasa
towards Replot for 21 km. Continue 7.4 km west
from Replot along road no. 7242 to Norra
Vallgrund. Continue 20 km north along road 
no. 7245 all the way to Panike. Turn right after
the village of Panike to Kvicksund/
Vargisvägen. You will pass an unlocked gate
(remember to close the gate) and one side road 
on the left. Turn left to the second side road and
continue for 500 m to the parking area
and walk the final 150 m to the area.

By public transportation

The village of Panike can be reached 
by bus ( from Vaasa
on weekdays. Walk for 1,2 km 
along the
Vargisvägen-road following the 
above until you reach the hut.

Topographic map (1:20 000) no. 1332 02 Panike,
Nautical chart series F (1:50 000)      

At the yard, there is a dry toilet, a campfire site,
a woodshed and space for camping with a tent. 

Please leave no litter or other traces
of your visit. Read more about Hiking Without Littering.


Maintenence and Management   

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland 

For more information

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, tel. +358 40 163 6200, info(at)


Guidelines on using Open Wilderness Hut

Read Guidelines on using Open Wilderness Hut.

A hand holding a mobile phone showing Open the map of Vargis Open Wilderness Hut in

Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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