Location of Teerisuo - Lososuo Mire Reserve in FinlandKainuu
Kuhmo (www.kuhmo.fi)
Area 21 km², established in 1988 (mire reserve), Natura 2000 site
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Teerisuo - Lososuo Mire Reserve, which is located only 30 km from Kuhmo is an ideal place to get a true sense of what the Kainuu mire landscape is from; its smells, its sounds, its colours and the feelings it awakes. The area's forests and mires, which are wilderness-like and very significant landscape-wise, form a balanced entirety. The hiking trail, which winds through the area, leads alternately across mires and through old-growth forest islets, which are in their natural state.

Teerisuo - Lososuo. Photo: Risto Sauso

During spring nature awakes also in the mires, the heat of summer can be felt concretely when picking cloudberries in the mires, in autumn the mires' impressive array of colours shine in different shades of green, red and yellow, during winter the flat vast snow banks entice visitors to set off on longer ski treks. Teerisuo - Lososuo with its natural open mires and spruce mires has something to offer everyone.

This is the webpage www.nationalparks.fi/teerisuolososuo

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