Tarikkajärvi Open Wilderness Hut


Open wilderness hut for 6 persons

Location, Maps and Description

Eastern Lapland, Salla

Tarikkajärvi, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 67° 19.7799' lon: 29° 02.4939'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7469574 E: 587797

The hut is located in Naruska, in between the Maltio Strict Nature Reserve and the UKK Trail, on the shore of Lake Tarikkajärvi, which is situated on the north-eastern edge of the Ylimmäinen Keppervaara Hill. Please note that trespassing in Maltio Strict Nature Reserve is forbidden.

Terrain maps U514 Savukoski 1:50 000

Excursion Map (retkikartta.fi)


A stove and an electrical stove.


Pets are allowed in the hut, but only with the consent of the other users of the hut.

Safety on hiking

Waste Management

Hikers are asked to bring their own waste to one of the area's recycling points. Read more about Outdoor Etiquette.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. For more information contact Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava.

Guidelines on using Open Wilderness Hut

Read Guidelines on using Day-use Huts.

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Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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